Whiskers & Fluffy

Meet our new pets.  Fluffy & Whiskers.
Ignore the giant bruise on Bear’s forehead (he ran into a pole in the playground) the toothpaste still around his mouth and the broccoli gone to seed in the background. 

Then go on and ignore Frog’s unbrushed hair with the newly self acquired fringe* (It was just in the way Mummy so I cut it off) and the unmown lawn in the background. Ignore the fact that their mother gets a hive-like rash on her arm every time she touches the lovely new pets.  Instead let’s focus on the smiles on their faces and the enjoyment they are getting from cuddling the cute little creatures and the fact that we’ll no longer need to mow our lawn as the guinea pigs are doing it for us!  

In other matters, Frog Goose & Bear will have a suitcase or three at the Melbourne Suitcase Rummage this Sunday the 23rd of September from 11-4 in the ballroom at the Thornbury Theatre in High St Thornbury.  It has a focus on vintage, upcycled & handmade goods and I have no idea what to expect, but I think it sounds like lots of fun! 

Have you been to a suitcase rummage?  

What pets do you have at your house?  

Are you allergic to your children’s pets?

* aka ‘bangs’ for you readers from the US.

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  1. says

    They might clear up your broccoli too! We just have chooks although we did have hermit crabs for a while and fish. I'm lucky to get the kids fed most days!

  2. says

    Oh Emma, beautiful images…& I love the description behind them! Your newest members of the family are very cute. The boys are desperate for a pet, mainly a dog, but they eye off the guinea pigs & rabbits at the pet shop every time we pass by. We won't be able to hold off for too much longer I'm thinking. Best of luck with your suitcase rummage, sounds like lots of fun xo

  3. says

    It&#39;s great to put a blog to the face! I just pulled out the gorgeous card bought from your stall on Sunday and found your blog name on the back. Looking forward to reading more of your posts.<br /><br />Guinea pigs are very cute too, by the way, as are Frog and Bear :)

  4. says

    I totally dig your ignores, because I&#39;m ignoring the same stuff, but is it too late to mention LOW MAINTENANCE stick insects???<br /><br />(not that we don&#39;t have a bunny and guinea pig living at this house too)…

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