DIY Temporary Tattoos

I promised quite some time ago that I would share a little more about how to make your own temporary tattoos.  Yes, you can make your own tattoos!!!!  I was pretty excited when I found out.

I purchase my tattoo paper from a local Melbourne seller on ebay.  The tattoo paper comes with very clear & detailed instructions on how to make your own tattoos, which you can get a sneak peak at here, but basically the tattoo paper comes in two A4 pieces.  The first piece is for you to print on and the second is a clear adhesive film to stick over the top.

It only works on inkjet printers and it is very important that you make sure that the image that you are printing is reversed (ie mirror image) so it will come out on your skin the right way around.  Ignore the fact that I did not do that in the pic above as we just used the images for that party which look just as good mirrored.  It is correctly done in the pic below which we used for Frog’s Supergirl party last year.

The possibilities of temporary tattoo images all of a sudden become endless!
There are thousands of free printable images available on line, you could use your own drawings, images that match your party decor or even tattoo your phone number onto your child’s arm.  The ice cream images that we used in the picture below can be found here.

Be careful though, because if you look away for any more than the 20 seconds it takes to apply a temporary tattoo, you never know where your children might apply them!

If you’re not into making your own, check out these very funky temporary tatts over here.

For more DIY party ideas, you might like to browse through the FGB party ideas page over here.
Have you tried making temporary tattoos before?  How did it go?

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