Planting in Eggshells

We’ve been planting tiny succulents in eggshells.  

You can head over to Village Voices for the FGB tutorial to see how we made them if you’d like to have a go at making some yourself.  They are super easy and I love seeing them on our kitchen windowsill whenever I’m at the sink.

I’m really excited to be doing a whole lot of crafts using eggshells for Village Voices over the next few months.  

Have you ever used eggshells for craft?

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  1. says

    What a cute idea. Love the tiny succulents and the origami paper. My kids have been potting up some "jelly bean plants", like the ones in your first picture, at my parents' place recently. Might have to try it in eggshells.

  2. says

    They would be gorgeous on your kitchen bench. We&#39;ve just planted a whole heap of succulents too…in chipped vintage pyrex. They look lovely. Can&#39;t wait to see all the eggy ideas. Wishing you a beautiful Thursday.<br />Steph :) x<br />(formerely mon petit poppet)

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