Some Time Out…

We have just come back from a glorious 9 days in Broome, WA.  Along with my sister Lou and her family, my Dad, his partner and my little bro, we enjoyed a real holiday.  One where you actually relax and feel like you’ve had a break.  Cannot remember the last time we had one of those.  I had a thousand things to write, but once again I’m just too tired and staying up way too late and really must head to bed if I have any hope of adjusting back to Melbourne time.  Here are some family snaps…

How did you enjoy your school holidays?

Have you ever been lucky enough to spend some time in Broome?

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    Love your family snaps! Even though I'm in Perth, I have yet to make it to Broome. It's cheaper to go over east than it is to get to Broome. How sad is that!

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    Yes, love the golden glow. It was a steady 33 and sunny the whole time we were there. I highly recommend! Most of these photos were taken at sunset. So different in WA and absolutely stunning seeing the sun go down over the water. <br /><br />Yes, Maxabella, that is the gorgeous Mr FGB. He hasn&#39;t really had much of a run on this blog, has he!

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    Stunning pics Em! Looks like it was wonderful! Steady 33 degrees – just what one needs seeing as this winter feels like it has just dragged forever!<br />x S.

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    That sunshine looks glorious!<br />I have never been to Broome, but it is on the list. Sounds like you all had a great time and managed to relax – which is sometimes not so easy withh littles on a holiday – well done guys!

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    We&#39;ve never been to Broome…but have heard lots of nice things about it. i love your totally summer looking photos.<br />Our little getaway to was one of relaxation…very good for the soul xx

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    Oh, how I love Broome! It&#39;s a fabulous place. I love the camels, the beautiful beaches (hello Cable Beach), and the sunsets. Oh, the sunsets!<br /><br />You looked like you had a fabulous time. So relaxed and happy. Check out those kids&#39; faces! xx

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