Christmas Cookies in a Jar

Cookies in a jar are very popular here at Frog Goose & Bear.  

We made Anna’s Emergency Cookies in a Jar earlier last year and they were such a hit and they were sooooo yummy that we made 25 of them as party favours for Ebony’s farm party in June.  

Frog and Bear are giving Christmas Cookies in a jar to their kinder teachers this year and we made a few more to give to some lovely friends & neighbours to show how very grateful we are for their friendship and support over the year. 

 This is a great activity to do in bulk and great for all ages to be involved. It’s also great to whip up really quickly if needed in a hurry as you probably have most of the ingredients on hand. 

I took the easy road and purchased the Christmas Cookies label pdf from Katrina at the Organised Housewife for only a couple of dollars.  I used Anna’s recipe because it’s tried and true here at FGB and fitted into my small jars and thankfully required the same instructions, but I’m sure Katrina’s recipe is just as delicious. 

I purchase my jars at a kitchen supply store, Costante Imports in Melbourne.  They have a fantastic supply of jars in bulk in all shapes and sizes and I purchase the 720ml jar and squish it in really hard when I put in the oats layer so it all fits.
The Christmas M&M’s can be purchased in the Christmas section (and not in the confectionary aisle) at most supermarkets.

We also made these for our last MOPS of the year last week and it was probably the most popular craft for the year!

 What are you giving your kids teachers this year?

Do you do a bulk run of something to give to neighbours and friends at Christmas?

Are you sorted for Christmas or flying by the seat of your pants like me?  

I may look organised, but it’s all smoke and mirrors.  The beauty of all the things we do here at FGB is that they are easy peasy and require little effort for a big effect!

For more Christmas crafts from Frog, Goose and Bear, you can click here.

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    That Anna is such a clever girl. Wish I had thought of this before buying boxes of boring shortbread but seriously, they were lucky to get any presents this year!<br />Maybe the sisters could receive these on Saturday!

  2. says

    I love Costante imports. We bought jars for bottling tomatoes (way back when) and various other bits and pieces including a potato ricer. These cookies in a jar would be great for kinder teachers. Last year we gave ours gingerbread biscuits and other sweet treats. I was planning to do the same this year, but cookies in a jar have been on my to-try list for a while. Might have to hot foot it

  3. says

    Hi! <br />I tried clicking on the link for Anna&#39;s recipe, but the page is not found. Can you please please share the recipe? It would be much appreciated! <br />Thank you!!


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