For the Blokes – Mugstaches & Reinbeer

Goose has a male teacher this year.  A cool young one that she loves and who plays Beatles songs on his guitar at the end of every day.  

We didn’t think that the Cookies in a Jar that her siblings gave their female kinder teachers would quite be his style, so drawing on inspiration from father’s day, she decided to make him a mo mug with a little note on the back from her.  I know that mugs are probably the most common ‘teacher gift’ on the planet, but apparently he loved the personal touch!  We also whipped up some more for some KK gifts for this weekend.

We filled our mugs with some timtam balls for something new.  I got nothing but thumbs up from my taste testers, but I still think that my chocolate truffles are even better.  I’d recommend either recipe for a failsafe, ‘no-cook’ treat that the kids can pretty much do on their own.* 

Sticking with our current reindeer obsession, for one of our Christmas parties this weekend, inspired by some seen on pinterest and the fact that we already had the supplies, we made some reinbeer!

I purchased a beer with a red label to ‘match’ the reindeer, but you could purchase any drink you desired, non alcoholic or otherwise, remove the label and replace it with your own labels.  I made the labels below in about 5 minutes using this awesome and free beer label site to go with the next batch.  You just change the wording on their predesigned labels, et voila!

I find shopping for gifts for men extremely difficult.  Finding a handmade gift for men, even harder!  I managed to draw the male straw in almost every kriskringle this year.  

Do you have the same difficulty?  
What are you giving the men in your life this year for Christmas?

*when I say ‘pretty much’, i really mean that they could ‘easily’ do it themselves, unless like mine they didn’t want to get their fingers messy and really couldn’t be bothered, but were quite happy to partake in the eating once Mum had finished making them all!

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