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A few weeks ago the kids kinder teacher asked me to compile a list of healthy party food options and creative ways to display them to make it fun for the kids.  As this is the time of year that we are often required to “bring a plate” to end of year functions and as my waistline expands with the season, I thought I’d share…  

fruit platter
fruit cups
fruit skewers
plain popcorn (perhaps in cups or cones)
dip and vegetable sticks ie carrot, celery, cucumber, capsicum
dip and biscuits or turkish/pita bread
vegetable platter
mini sandwiches (perhaps in fun shapes or pinwheels)
mini wraps
corn chips
cheese and biscuits
savoury muffins
fruit muffins
fruit scones
mini pizzas
mini quiches (unless egg allergies)
dried fruit or cereal (in cups)
cheese, cabana, olives on toothpicks

If there are lollies and chocolates, the kids are always going to go for those first, so it helps to make the healthy food look a little more exciting!  So, along with my list, I created a healthy party food board on pinterest that I am adding things to all of the time.  I’ve pinned lots and lots of really fun and simple, yet creative, ways to display healthy party food, but things that are still manageable.  It’s worth a quick look just to see how clever some people are!

I printed out these images for the kinder teacher and then of course I realised (too late) that I now had the pressure of coming up with a fun way to serve the fruit platter I’d put my name down to bring to the kinder Christmas party!  

I can attest to the fact that this fruit platter can be made with very minimal time or planning! With 30 minutes to rush home between kinder concerts* and no prior planning, I totally stole the idea from my sister’s salad, and chopped up whatever fruit I had on hand into small pieces and quickly placed them in lines in a triangle shape.  One of the kinder kids thought it was a rocket, but it was still eaten, after the chocolates and lollies were demolished of course.
What Christmas creativeness have you been getting up to?

Head over here for more FGB party ideas

*having one child in three yr old kinder and the other in 4 yr old kinder has it’s drawbacks!  The concerts were adorable though and will admit to tears in eyes.

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  1. says

    I will have to make a note of this for next year, there are lots of great ideas on your pinterest board. I made some tricky chocolate truffles for Miss 8's end of year party but they weren't a hit so will have to give something that looks more fun a try next year. x

  2. says

    So clever! I recently saw a pin for a christmas fruit cake and clicked on it and it was literally an entire cake made from fruit! A beautiful watermelon round base decorated with the most amazing array of summer fruits!<br /><br />Merry Christmas Emma!

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