A New Year… and some breathing space.

In this last week between Christmas and the new year, I’ve been doing lots of sleeping and more sleeping.  I’ve stopped.  I’ve had a quiet week.  I don’t generally do quiet weeks.  They just don’t really exist in my world.  There is just no room for them and I am the kind of person who likes to go, go, go, but it can take it’s toll on a person.  Granny had Goose for five days (they had a lovely camping trip together) Mr FGB was home, we pulled out of our planned holiday with a group of friends and we stopped (as much as is possible when life still keeps moving).  It was nice to breathe.

I can’t seem to start a new year without writing some kind of reflective post to bring in the new year.  It doesn’t seem right to move on without one.  You can find the last two year’s reflections here and hereI see many changes this year.  All positive.  I can’t wait! 

I feel like I’ve been swimming through deep water for a long time and just keeping my head afloat and slowly, slowly, I’ve been making my way through to the other side.  I’ve very much been head down with blinkers on for the last four years just to survive.  Focusing on one foot after the other.  Having my last two kids just over a year apart, having just moved back to Melbourne with a husband working ridiculous hours along with our Mums both losing their husbands within the following 9 months very nearly killed me.  I’ve been slowly, slowly coming back from that place and I now feel like I can look up and see the world around me.  So I’m now at a place where maybe I can spend a little less time wading through the water that at one time was threatening to drown me and just have a rest on the shore line every now and then.

I have high hopes that this year will be a much needed breath of fresh air.  

2013 – one word.  I’m not so much into New Years resolutions, but I like to give each year a word.  I’ve had the year of ‘me’ (2010) which turned out the be the year of ‘exhaustion’, the year of ‘survival’ (2011) and last year (2012) started off as ‘balance’ which seemed far too unattainable and ended up as the year to ‘shine’.  This year the word that sums up my hopes for the year is ‘breathe’.

slow down.
self nurture.  
say yes to my kids and no to others.
space – physical space and head space.
breathing room.

This year I need to breathe.  To take the time to be able to inhale and exhale fully.  

This year there is actually potential for this to happen. I’ll have more physical space and room as we are moving house at the end of the month.  (a quick, but necessary, decision to move to larger quarters – more on that later).  I’m cutting down on a lot of external activities.  Bear goes off to school this year and Frog to four year old kinder leaving me two whole days (well, two whole six hour school days – that’s twelve hours - I‘ve been longing for that for 9 years!)  People have been asking me what I will do with myself – my list is a mile long!   I’m under no illusion.  Life will still be busy.  I like it that way to a certain extent, but my aim is to be a less cranky Mum and maybe, just maybe feel like I’m a little more on top of things and not forever chasing my tail and feeling overwhelmed.  

We have a month of ‘slow’ ahead of us with no routine and more family time, lots of sunshine and sleep-ins.  Of course in all of that we’re still moving house and celebrating a nine year old birthday in there… so not too slow.  Our slow.


What are your plans for 2013?  

Do you have a word for each year like me?

P.S. These photos of our family were taken by my lovely & talented friend Susannah on a fun and relaxing morning last month. If you’d like some photos taken of you & your fam and you live in Melbourne – she’s your gal!
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  1. says

    Happy New Year to you Emma. The photos are just beautiful, I particularly love the first one. Wishing you all the best with your hopes for this year. A move sounds exciting.

  2. says

    &#39;Breathe&#39; sounds every sort of perfect. Course I also read a whole lot of &#39;me&#39; into that than the usual just breathing to exist! Now just need to get through the rest of this ridiculous work/school holiday juggle!<br /><br />Happiest 2013, possum.

  3. says

    The photos are wonderful, Em. You can look at them and just… breathe. I do think that it&#39;s the little, quiet moments that shape a life, not the big fanfare of all the doing. Best wishes for lots of reflection and mindfulness in 2013. It&#39;s going to be a good year. x

  4. says

    Such gorgeous family photos Emma! Hope you have them framed and around your house as gentle reminders to breathe and focus on those important things like your lovely family. Well said by Bron just up there about hte little quiet things that shape our lives – too true! x

  5. says

    Beautiful family photos!<br /><br />Wishing you all the best for your year of breathing – I hope that you schedule at least an hour on each of those two school days to have feet up on the couch or doing something relaxing just for you xx<br /><br />My word this year is organise. It&#39;s going to take a lot of work!!

  6. says

    Oh Em, what a thoughtful post. I have missed you here! I relate to your feelings on so many levels. &#39;Breathe&#39; is a ripper of a word. I want to do that too. J x

  7. says

    I will have to give you something of mine when we next see each other if that is to be your mantra for this year. It has resonated with me as a busy mother of young children as well as someone who has practised yoga for a very long time…

  8. says

    The word, &quot;breathe&quot;, is a lovely one for a year but the one that resonated with me on your post was &quot;slow&quot;. We don&#39;t do &quot;slow&quot; enough here. So i shall breathe slow and catch up with you on the way, I hope!

  9. says

    Hello!! gorgeous pics &amp; so nice to see all of you in them together! love your word for the year &amp; the notion of slowing is great……the years are flying past &amp; anyway to slow them down is a plus. Deep breathes &amp; much happiness to you! x

  10. says

    Thanks for sharing your reflections – and yes – remember to breathe is very important – I know exactly what you mean. I&#39;m a busy person too with a tight chest of shallow breaths and puffs each day. My youngest goes to three year old kinder this year adn the twins to school – after almost six years I&#39;ll actually have four hours a week child free! Yes I know! The possibilities! The list a

  11. says

    Those photos are just exquisite! Well done you for making it through what sounds like a truly exhausting time and best of luck for achieving breathing space of all kinds in 2013. <br />We have been having a &#39;slow&#39; holiday too (our kind of slow: lots of gardening, people over for dinner and sleepovers, afternoon naps) and I can highly recommend it.<br />Thanks for all the inspiration your

  12. says

    Happy new year Emma. I love your word and I love those photos of you and your family they&#39;re really lovely, all of them you all look so nice and relaxed. I like the idea of having a word for the new year, mine is enjoy, looking forward to lots of it this year:)x

  13. says

    I just adore all those photos…you look happy and relaxed and so comfortable with each other…such wonderful keepsakes for you. <br />I tried nurture last year as my word….have been do relaxed in our beachy holiday that I haven&#39;t come up with one for this year…maybe I&#39;ll share yours!<br />Good luck with the move and that craft room!!! Sending my youngest to kinder this year too bug

  14. says

    Beautiful photos Emma. I don&#39;t have a word for each year, maybe I should…<br />Exiting times ahead, new home, 12 child free hours! My youngest was a prepie last year, once I had some child free time to get some clear head space, everything felt much easier and less stressful

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