A Rainbow Crafternoon … the beginnings

When I was a young girl, ‘birthday time’ was my favourite time of year!  My two sisters and I had birthdays all within a four week period.  Never combined.  Each one a big themed event on it’s own.  We had the best games!  Mum still has the handmade hats, party bags and invitations from each one.  I remember each of us having a spiral bound notebook in which we would write down in detail the plans for our birthday.  I have followed the family tradition!   Although my mother thrived at ‘birthday time’, I am extremely grateful that my children’s birthdays are a little more spread apart throughout the year!

After realising yesterday that Goose’s birthday is a mere 3 weeks away, we whipped out the notebook and started planning!   Although it is no longer a spiral bound notebook, but a laptop!  It’s fun having an almost 9 year old who can do lots of the planning and we can organise it together.  Just like I did with my Mum.   Although it also means that I have to let go of the reins.  Something that I find a little difficult to do, particularly when it comes to parties… Goose’s main requests (although they were more like non-negotiable instructions) were for “that” rainbow cake and a sleepover!  So we decided on a quiet Rainbow ‘Crafternoon’ with 6 of her friends, followed by dinner and cake with her much loved extended family.  Her friends will then stay on for a sleepover.*  

Invitations now sent**, it is time to get our rainbow craft on for the next few weeks!  I love the theme!  The kid loves craft (bless her xo).
To see some more parties from team FGB, head over here.

Have you ever made “that” rainbow cake – help??!!

Have you ever had 7 nine year old girls for a sleepover – help????!!!!!!

* I may have bitten off more than I can chew considering we get the keys to the new house only 5 days before the party and the only way we can accommodate that many gals sleeping over is if we have it at the new house, but I figure they’ll only need sleeping room and all we’ll need for dinner is a BBQ so it won’t matter if we haven’t quite moved anything else over yet… will it?

**yes, I did notice that little typo saying that the party finishes 5 hours before it starts…. yes, they have been sent with that typo….  oops.  ;)

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    We made THAT cake for the 11 year old boy last January. It was completely hacked from 3 Greens cake mix with colouring . I baked the cakes thin and for half the time so I didn't have to cut through them straight and slathered it in whipped cream which was easy and yummy. They ate every crumb!

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    those invitations are really lovely. i made a rainbow cake last year from a basic madeira recipe. i covered it with royal icing, but the rainbow kept showing through so i had to made it thicker and thicker to not ruin the rainbow surprise inside so it got a bit fiddly!<br /> so i say cover with cream cheese icing x<br />ps i baked and froze each layer so i didnt have to do 6 cakes in a day!

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    Wow emma, sounds like lots of fun! Do the foil pie dish for the layers, maybe cheaper party supplies have them at preston market. Whipped cream sounds good or even cream cheese icing.<br />Whatever you do, don&#39;t use natural food colors, colors won&#39;t come up as intense.<br />By the way curly pops does a rainbow bunting.<br />Good luck! Looking forward to reading all about it

    • says

      I just replied and lost it on my phone!<br />Cream cheese icing I normally do a tub of cream cheese, 100gbutter, 50~100g sour cream and icing sugar , taste as you go for sweetness. I have a recipe under red velvet on blog.<br />Gel colors should work well.<br />Have fun with it x

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    oh gorgeous party theme! what crafts do you have planned? As for the cake, I made a different version one year, as my son wanted a traffic theme, so i did red, yellow and green layer and covered it in icing. it was a hit! good luck with the sleepovers….or should we call them don&#39;t-go-to-sleepovers! xx

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    Emma, I did &#39;that&#39; cake for Sally&#39;s 8th birthday last year. What an amazing cake, and very simple to make for such an amazing outcome. The only real pre-requisite are Wilton gel colours … and you can get all the colours you need in one pack. (You probably already know this). Looks like great fun ahead, you make me feel rather slack by comparison. I&#39;m not crafty, nor do we

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    I saw rainbow jelly that used sweetened condensed milk a few years ago that looked very effective. The use of sweetened condensed milk in some jelly layers made it a solid colour against the regular clear colours. I&#39;d like to try THAT cake one day, but probably won&#39;t because the kids react to colours in our house.

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    I need you Emma to come and get me motivated for Miss 8&#39;s birthday party. She turns 9 on the 30th, the first day back at school and the only idea we&#39;ve got so far is an icecream party but I love the idea of a craft party I wonder if she will go for that instead. I&#39;ve never had that many girls over for a sleep over, should be fun for them but not much sleep for you:(, she will love

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