Rainbow Party Prep

As we’re moving house in the next few days and Goose’s birthday is two days later (yes, I am insane) party prep has not necessarily been my first priority, but never fear, I have a party prep protégé.  Lucky, as sometimes I have been known to regret setting the precedent of a big at-home party every year.  Particularly at this time of year.  These school holidays Goose has been a little insatiable for craft, so I’ve just gently nudged (with only the occasional bribe) her toward rainbow crafts that can then be used at the party.  
She’s made a very, very, very long tissue tassel garland (thanks to these clever tutes – thanks Brenda & Julianne)

rainbow tissue poms (who knew how easy they were!),
drawn and painted a rainbow for pin the cloud on the rainbow game,

made a sample for every craft activity for the crafternoon,

made some rainbow chocolate grissini wands and many other rainbowy bits and pieces.

These party things really are “extras, but I’m so glad that she is old enough to do them so that she doesn’t miss out completely on the extras that we love.  Thank goodness for birthday parties in the school holidays!  Without her it may have been a lot less colourful party!  So glad that Goose is making sure the fun remains!  
So, things might be a little quiet around here on the blog for a bit, as tends to be the way here when my life hots up a bit.   Now… back to those boxes… and taking big deep breaths … as those short, sharp breaths threaten to overwhelm when I think of all that needs to be done before school goes back next week … next week!!!

How involved are your kids in party prep?
How are you going as the summer holidays near an end?  
Still trying to hang on, or desperate for them to be over?
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  1. says

    beautiful rainbow things – great idea using kids holiday craft times to get stuff sorted. And I feel your pain with moving house – we moved the week before christmas. Its hard – only thing that got me through was a focus on the end goal, lots of chocolate, a bit of alcohol and a lot of whinging and hard work plodding along thinking its got to be done! ha ha. All the best with the party and the

  2. says

    It all looks great! I've been wanting to give tissue paper pom poms a go. I was going to make them for Christmas but ran out of time. I must do it one of these days

  3. says

    Hope both the party and the move have gone well…..we have a 14 year old party in a week…I think she may well like all your ideas as we seem to want a little kids party theme…go figure. xxx

  4. says

    Oh wow Emma! I love that your daughter is old enough to help with the preparations! She's a trooper – as are you for still organizing a party whilst moving. Good grief! So… Are you settled? Every box unpacked?? X

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