FGB Easter Crafts Collated.

You’ll have to wait a wee while longer for the big revealing of the rainbow birthday celebrations as Easter is just around the corner, so I thought I’d put together a wee collection of the Easter craft posts from the last few years here at FGB.  As with most things here on FGB, they are all quick and simple crafts and definitely manageable in less than a week if you are so inclined… bring on the school holidays and some Easter crafts! Click on the words above the photo to be taken to the original post.

Hot Chocolate in a Jar

Easter baskets made from recycled Soda bottles

An Easter Reflection Activity

I’ve also had the wonderful opportunity over the last little while to be working with Kidspot Village Voices and creating some tutorials on crafting with eggs for ‘Eggs Australia’.  I have collated these for you as well as nothing says ‘Easter’ like an egg!

Eggshell Succulent Garden

Eggshell Candles

Eggshell Fairy lights (yes, really, they are eggs!)

I’ve also been collecting lots of Easter craft ideas over on Pinterest also.
Are you planning on doing any last minute Easter crafting?

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  1. says

    Thank you Emma! you have so many great ideas, and I love how generous you are in sharing them (and organising them here in one place too!) happy Easter xxx

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