DIY Mother’s Day Gift – Bath Bombs

Mother’s Day is coming very soon here in Australia and in the lead up I thought I’d do a couple of posts on quick and simple (yet still stylish) gifts for Mums that kids can be involved in or totally make on their own.  I’m notoriously late in organising pressies and can often be found quickly whipping something up the night before.  These gifts all fit into that category – perfect last minute gifts!

Last year bath bombs were all the rage at our place.  These pics were snapped a year ago when Frog and I were having a practise before we made them with the MOPS Mums.  I’ve been meaning to share them with you ever since…

You’ll see pics of two colours here which I hope isn’t too confusing.  The purple mix was for lavender bath bombs where we used dried lavender, lavender essential oil and purple food dye and the yellow mix was for citrus bath bombs where we used grated lemon and lime rind, lemon essence and yellow food dye.  

1. Mix dry ingredients together:
½ cup baking soda
¼ cup citric acid
¼ cup corn flour

2. Mix together wet ingredients:
½ tspn dried lavender or grated peel if desired
2 drops grapeseed oil
2 drops of colouring 
2 drops of essential oil or essence

3.  Slowly add wet mixture to dry mixture.

4.  Add some water, using a spray bottle, a little at a time and mix together with your hands until it becomes a thick, slightly damp powder.

The pic below is an example of how much water to put in.  When you scrunch it up in your hand, if it holds it’s shape, you have enough.  If you put in too much water you’ll know as it starts to expand when you put it in the moulds and won’t stay put! 

5. Pack the mixture firmly into silicone molds.  I used ice cube & mini muffin trays.

Frog was 3 years old at the time these pics were taken and even though, as you can see, a rather large mess was created, she was very involved in the process and did lots of it on her own (under a watchful eye of course)!

6.  Leave them to dry in the mold for about 10 minutes before popping them out of the mold onto a teatowel to dry.  Leave them overnight to really harden. Or you can just leave them in the mold overnight before popping them out in the morning.

7. The next morning, once they are completely dry, run yourself a bath! Or package them up as a gift for Mother’s Day!
Above is a pic of some that we made one Christmas using orange rind and essential oil – the smell was divine!

You might also like to try making some bubble bath to go with the gift like the one we made below.  See this post for our recipe.

Stay tuned over the next week for more quick and easy gifts that you can make for Mother’s Day, or any time of the year really.

What are you doing for Mother’s Day this year?

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  1. says

    love that idea… especially as the littlies can get involved… can you substitute other oil for the grapeseed?<br />Thanks Emma… always lovely to read your posts<br />Hugz

  2. says

    That looks like a lovely mother&#39;s day activity! I&#39;m flying solo this year as the husband is away so I may be needing a long soak in the bath. It&#39;s been over a year since the last one- before surgery. Have been a bit reluctant to lie there and look but some citrus power might do the trick! Thanks!

  3. says

    These are such great fun I have been a bit quiet on the creating front with the girls, might have to try these out. Actually they could make some as presents for friends I&#39;m sure other girls would love these as a gift. Thanks for the crafting inspiration:)

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