DIY Vintage Button Earrings

I was at my sister Lou’s house recently and, as she’s got a very new little bub, I was helping her make some vintage button earrings for the mother’s day stall at her son’s school.  So effective and so simple!  I went straight home afterward and delved deep in the vintage button stash that I inherited from my husband’s great aunt to find as many matching buttons as I could so I could make some for myself!
All the supplies, from the earring backs (you can even purchase the clip-on kind) to the special glue and even the vintage buttons, can be purchased online from Etsy or Craftumi (among other sites).  The store I have used before is here

 The strongest and best glue to use when making the earrings is E6000.  The glue does take a few days to fully set though, so although these are the ideal quick and easy DIY, you’d need to give yourself a few days before wearing or gifting them.

Do you love vintage buttons?  Which ones are your favourite in the pic above?

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  1. says

    You are so clever! My ears have just started to reacting to all my earrings (even the posh ones) but I'm hoping this is a temporary thing so I can make some of these. I have MILLIONS of amazing buttons that deserve to be made into something!

  2. says

    I do love buttons – I do love collections of things. I especially love this collection of buttons as earings. Cos sometimes buttons are just too lovely to actually use as buttons.

  3. says

    Great idea. I love those deep blue ones down the bottom of the image. I keep seeing gorgeous earrings lately and wish my ears were still pierced.

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