DIY Clay herb labels

We’ve been imprinting leaves into clay over in these parts.  Just like we did with our clay necklaces and our little clay decorations, but this time we used stamps as well to make labels for the herbs in our garden.

and little worms to go in the garden as well.

Frog had lots of fun imprinting the leaves into the clay over and over again and using the rolling pin.

The labels have been very helpful when sending the kids outside to pick herbs while I’m cooking dinner …

Do you grow herbs at your house?  What is your favourite herb?  
Mine is definitely mint.  I  absolutely love the smell, but in reality boring old parsley probably gets used more than any other.

For more crafty things to do with kids head over to FGB’s Kids Craft Page …

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  1. says

    Hey Emma – these are a great project – and useful too!<br />We have parsley going crazy but my favourite is basil, no coriander… can&#39;t choose!

  2. says

    Love the leaf printing. I need to get some clay. Where did you buy your stamps?<br /><br />We have herbs growing in a few spots around the garden. Rosemary and sage are favourites here. We like a bit of thyme and coriander, too (not at the same time)

  3. says

    These are really beautiful. I really love the imprint of the leaf too :) Come spring we&#39;ll be needing some labels :)<br /><br />Just wondering though, would they be waterproof?

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