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I’ve been a bit of a haphazard blogger of late.  It’s not that I don’t want to blog – I really do!  I write posts in my head all of the time.  I do stuff with the kids, in the kitchen and out and about.  I even take photos and plan to write a blog post about it and I have a thousand ideas in my head for blog posts … but I get to the end of the day and I am just utterly exhausted!  I used to push through that exhaustion and keep going, but I’m working on telling myself that I don’t need to be doing all of the things I think I should be doing, but instead focusing a little more on my mental health as this is my year to breathe, to take things slow and not push myself to the extremes that I have in the past.  

I need to look after myself for a bit and that might mean only blogging here sporadically for a wee while.  I have big hopes and dreams for this space so please don’t think that my lack of regular blogging is a sign that I’m fading out.  I’m certainly not.  I just need to recover from the roller coaster that was the last few years and to enjoy this last year before all of my children are at school.  

I’ll just continue to be random in my posting and plod along for just a small while longer and not put pressure on myself in the knowledge that blogging isn’t the most important thing in my life, it just adds to it.  It adds a wonderful and terribly encouraging and positive element to my life and I would deeply miss it if it wasn’t there.  I’m OK with that.  I don’t need to prove myself to anyone.  (That is a hard statement to make for a perfectionist who actually feels the need to prove herself to herself all of the time!) I blog here at Frog Goose & Bear purely for my own enjoyment.

The weekend before last, I attended the Kidspot Bloggers Masterclass. The main topic of the day was about finding your voice and what is uniquely ‘you’.  Part of doing that is working out why we started our blog in the first place and what is our main reason for doing it.  So I’ve been pondering that for the last week and remembered that I started this blog for me.  I started this blog because I love to share ideas with others. I get a tremendous kick out of inspiring/empowering/encouraging others to squeeze a little creativeness into their life.  I really do. I also started this blog as a way to connect with and be inspired by other like-minded crafty souls in a time where I was really feeling stuck at home with 3 young kidlets.  I blogged in part for therapy.  In the three and a bit years that I’ve been blogging, I’ve achieved my goals.  I think I’ve grown heaps and my confidence in my own abilities has increased ten fold.  

I walked away from the masterclass after listening to the panel thinking that I needed to do more.  To blog more often, be more consistent, to have a schedule, to connect more.  But then after a few days I came to my senses.  It’s ok doing things in your own way and in your time.  To do your own thing.  To be uniquely you and true to yourself.  So that is what I’m choosing to take away from the day for now (along with a whole lot of other really useful stuff that I’ll totally use in the future and the lovely fact that I got to meet and hang out with some beautiful friends and meet some new ones).  

However, all is not lost … If you so desire, you can still connect with me on a more regular basis.  I’m more active on face book if you’d like to follow me there and also on pinterest.  I’m also really excited to be blogging over at Kidspot Village Voices at the moment in their ‘Magic of Play’ Series.  You can catch me there once a fortnight blogging about quick and easy activities for kids along with ways to incorporate kids into your everyday activities.  What could be better than getting paid to play with your kids?!  I will of course still be blogging here at Frog Goose and Bear in the usual sporadic way – we do have a birthday party coming up after all! Stay tuned for some lego party madness!

Also, and this is pretty exciting folks … in a couple of days time I am going to the US with my husband!  In a couple of days I am doing to the US with my husband!  I’m joining him for a week while he attends a small conference in Lake Tahoe and my amazingly generous mother and mother-in-law are staying with our children.  It only came into being just over a week ago.  I am still in shock and taking a while to get my head around the fact that it is actually happening!  Maybe on Saturday when I’m on the plane it’ll start to sink in.  I have never been so unprepared for a trip overseas in all of my life, but I’m not sure that I actually mind.  I have my ticket and my passport sorted and I’ll have my husband all to myself for a whole week.  What more could I want?!

In case you were wondering, these photos are of my kids setting up their own ‘Fancy Nancy: Ooh la la beauty spa’  on a pyjama day this week in the school holidays.  I think I chose to add the photos to this post as I feel they represent in some small way my need for a little, long forgotten, self pampering.

Have you ever done a last minute overseas trip with no planning whatsoever?  
Are you in desperate need just to slow down, look after yourself and take the time to just breathe life in?

P.S.  I wrote this ridiculously long essay of a post as a bit of therapy for myself and to let you in a little deeper than usual.  Just in case you happen to be remotely interested in this break from the usual craft sharing kind of post, I have done a few more reflectively gushy posts in the past here.

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    Your blog posts are always good reading. Great to hear from you, even sporadically. I&#39;ve been trawling through your party posts recently, looking for ideas for an upcoming birthday (5!). BTW Where did you find the wooden cocktail forks for the little fruit salad cups? (I wasted a couple of hours wandering around chadstone today – aaaargh).<br /><br />Enjoy your trip – lucky you!!<br />

  2. says

    Never, ever done a last minute OS holiday – but I think I&#39;d quite like to!…have an awesome time – pamper away!!<br />That last shot makes me shiver a bit like chalk on a blackboard does -ewwwww!!!!<br />xx<br /><br />ps – I love your blog.x

  3. says

    I am glad you are remembering to breathe this year and simply be for a while…My friend Dot lived in the US for a while and used to ski at Lake Tahoe so you will be in a beautiful part of the world. I look forward to catching up with you on your return. Love from Miss Rosanna xxx

  4. says

    This post really resonated with me…I seem to be getting a little taken over by it at the moment and have to remember why I began blogging too. My reason was as a sort of therapy for postnatal depression after my twins were born. <br />Love that you are so honest and those wonderful pics of your kids really have me wanting a pamper day!<br />Have a lovely trip overseas…how exciting!

  5. says

    Great post Emma, it all sounds a lot like me, although I am not going to the USA or have not been to the blog conference. I will pop over to your FB page, where I hang out a bit. I have found instagram really good, easier and simpler than the blog, might see you over there one day. Have a great time on your trip!<br />Jacqueline

  6. says

    I am so excited for you Emma, your trip WITH NO KIDS sounds amazing! You deserve it! It is my dream to go to Japan wit my hubby, and NO KIDS. I&#39;ll keep dreaming.<br /><br />I so understand about the blogging too. I write a blog post in my head almost every day but I can still only manage a &quot;real&quot; one a few times a month at the moment. I am busy with my kids or busy making

  7. says

    Aw Emma. You gorgeous girl. I adored this post. You are so refreshing with your honesty. Love it. Love you. You know I do. And bravo to the sneaky holiday! J x

  8. says

    Wow! great post and so timely for me to read it. I too have been feeling that I have been pushing through the tiredness too often, being too productive ALL the time and kind of feeling about to fall over. I am so glad you have some time to rest and enjoy some couple time…it is a miracle! Thanks for always being so generous with your thoughts.

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    Have an awesome time…having just returned from overseas on a week away with my hubbie…I can honestly say it was the most magical of times…I hope the same for you too. xxx

  10. says

    I completely get it. I&#39;ve struggled to keep this one going after the big shocks and new job and life changes the last year. The blog has languished at times but its nice to have that record and refuge for a midnight rant if needed or just to catch up with the other blogettes. See you here when we see you.

  11. says

    Oh how I can totally get where you are coming from. Last year I hardly blogged and I enjoyed my children more, looked after myself, and slept heaps. (Blogging kind of gets in the way of the last bit). It was wonderful, and now I&#39;m loving blogging more than ever. I blog because I love it. First and foremost. You won&#39;t be sorry to take a back seat for a bit. We will be here when you pop in!

  12. says

    Sporadic blogging is the best! I am a proud sporadic blogger, it allows me the best of both worlds – to soak up life as it is, and (hopefully) inspire others through occasional blogging. Enjoy your holiday, how exciting for you!

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