Sorry to keep you all waiting lovely people!  Here are the pics from Saturday’s Lego Party to celebrate Bear’s 6th birthday!  

I made the sign by downloading the free lego font and printing it out, sticking it onto yellow card, cutting it out and then sticking it on to red card.  

 Lego bunting was made from coloured card and the dots were made by using a large circle punch stuck on with padded double sided tape.
The water bottles were decorated using the same method.

Having a party at 2pm means that you don’t need to provide as much food as you would at a party that falls over a meal time – makes things a lot easier!  We had… 

Strawberry cups
Lego sandwiches and Lego cheese biscuits 
(in case you were wondering we used the tip of an icing piper to make the circle shape)

Lego jelly (thanks lou xo)

Marshmallow Lego heads - I died the marshmallows yellow using this method and then drew the faces on with an edible ink pen.  You can vaguely see in the background the chocolate grissini sticks – simple tutorial here.

Lego biscuits.

Of course, as per usual, I started taking photos after everyone had already begun to attack the food … you can see what was popular first – the marshmallow heads, the jellies and the blue, yellow & red biscuits!

We also had a sushi platter (from a local Japanese restaurant), some corn chips, popcorn, jellybeans, kabana, sausage rolls, my favourite mini egg & bacon pies and a fruit platter (red, yellow and blue fruit of course!)

Lego Brick Birthday Cake – totally thought that I was taking the easy way out here by making lego bricks, but those oreo cookies were quite painful to ice with butter icing!  Don’t even ask how much red food dye (I even used the gel stuff) was in the red lego brick!  Did not cut that one up at the party!  Note to self: avoid party themes that require a red cake!

Stay tuned for all of the games and activities in the next post…

Click on the cake for more Frog, Goose & Bear parties!

* No, that sharp knife is not pointed at my four month old niece!

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  1. says

    Looks amazing as usual!!! Cant believe you stuck all those little circles on everything to make it look lego-ey! Oh, the commitment of party loving mummies! xxx

  2. says

    I love your blog, and have poured over every single party you've thrown (for a while there I couldn't comment b/c I require url/id). Anyway, this party is gorgeous- and since I have two boys, am sure a lego party will be on the cards one day. I made a red fire engine cake for my youngest's first birthday – initially I used red dye- which resulted in a pink fire engine, so I moved

  3. says

    Hi I just found your blog in the past couple of weeks leading up to my daughters 4th birthday party last weekend. I made your white chocolate grissini sticks at the last minute and they were demolished! Will be a party keeper for the future. Love your [party ideas – so clever!

  4. says

    It looks so fantastic Emma, you did a great job. I think you&#39;re onto a thing here, you are so good at it!<br /><br />I&#39;m making a Lego brick cake for my Dad&#39;s 60th next weekend, he is a bit of a Lego collector. I hadn&#39;t heard of using oreo&#39;s though, I was going to bake an extra cake and cut out circles with a scone cutter. I wonder which will be easier?

  5. says

    Wow so much to love here, those lego heads are fantastic! Great idea to use padded tape for the lego piece bunting. What a fun party! xx.

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