Decoupage with kids …

A little while ago, Goose (aged 9) asked if we could spend more time together crafting.

It seems that just like her Mum, she needs a bit of creativity in her life to energise her and give her that buzz that you get when you are doing something that you love.  There is nothing she likes more, apparently, than to potter around in my craft room sticking, painting, sewing, gluing, creating.  Although I knew she enjoyed doing any crafty things that we did around these parts (which sadly are more few and far between than ever before) I underestimated just how much she enjoyed and valued it.  I think a bit of needing quality time on her own with her Mum is a little part of it too as she told me that I had to do it with her, not just potter nearby.  So, we’ve now marked one Saturday a month in the diary to craft, just the two of us.  We are very different in so many ways, so it’s nice to have something that we share.  We’ve missed one already, but hopefully we’ll be regular … 

The first time we met, we decoupaged…

If you’d like to give it a go too, this is how we did it …

You will need:

- tissue box cover (we purchased ours at Spotlight)
- paper serviettes 
- mod podge (special glue from craft shops)
- paint brush

1. Tear up your paper serviettes into small pieces.

2. Paint the mod podge glue both underneath and on top of the serviette.

3. Continue to cover the box with serviettes and mod podge until completely covered.  

4. Depending on the thickness and colour of your serviettes you may have to do lots of layers like we did.  Allow time to dry in between layers.

When Frog saw what Goose had been doing, of course she had to have a go too!  She had a cardboard letter A that we had also purchased from Spotlight and so decorated that. You can decoupage anything!  You can see that she did less layers on hers, but it still looks fine.  Both girls love having theirs on display in their room.

Are you good at spending regular one on one time with your kids?  
What do you do with them?  

Do you decoupage?  Any tips? 

For more Frog, Goose and Bear crafty activity ideas for you to do with your kids, click here…

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  1. says

    We used to do heaps of decoupage as kids. We would spend ALOT of time collecting and cutting images from magazines and then when we had enough -start pasting. Another idea is patchwork decoupage – using patterned paper in hexagons! Love that you are getting some quality crafternoons!

  2. says

    Been awhile since I popped over. Goose has grown into a lovely young lady..<br />How nice to want to spend time crafting with you. Enjoy, they grow up so quickly.<br />Love the Tissue box and big &quot;A&quot;.<br />Well done Goose.

  3. says

    Gosh, this takes me back to the decoupage days of yore. I still have a beautiful box a housemate decorated, all spooky victoriana. Making stuff with your kids is a great way to do the special mamma time. Good on you.

  4. says

    I love it Emma. Loved it on I.G. but love it more on the blog. I don&#39;t know if we get Mod Podge here in NZ? Maybe Spotlight, if anywhere. This looks so nice and simple, yet effective. Just my kind of craft level!!<br />x

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