I think often pictures speak louder than words.

These photos were quickly snapped on my phone this afternoon.

Not a lot of blogging going on here at the moment…

Afternoon Addition – this feels so therapuetic to post these pictures – I dare you to do the same and post your house, just the way it is looking right now! Let me know if you’ve been brave enough to do it in the comments below…and feel free to link back here so that others know you’re not the only one!!

29.07.11 I have just linked this post with Magdalena from the Craft Revival.  


We have no side fence in the back yard at the moment as the neighbours have decided to rebuild their garage. Unfortunately our sandpit, fort and cubby house had all been made attached to that garage wall. As a consequence of their short term redundancy, I’ve had to allow digging in other parts of the garden over the last few weeks…

Which has been met with much excitement and creativity. The cubby house stove is now situated right where it should be next to the herb garden. Many beautiful smelling brews are being concocted.

As a quick update for veg. about – herb garden growing fantastically (see below),
vegie garden not so fantastically.

It was back on track after the possum destruction when I put the smelly seaweed fertiliser on it regularly and everything revived amazingly and really started to thrive… until last week when I had a friend over and I forgot the chooks were out… still growing, but quite the worse for wear.

If you’ve been cooking some simple meals of the edible variety, unlike this particular concoction (though so lovingly and carefully made), then head on over here tomorrow and join in the fun of easy peasy dinner winners. It is becoming quite the resource – thanks so much for all of your great recipes every Tuesday!


We have escaped our house and have joined Lou on an extended long weekend at Mum’s house with the whole family.

I can’t tell you how nice it is to escape reality for a few days and have the aunts, uncles, cousins and Granny there to help entertain the kids! Entertaining 5 kids indoors (mostly) for a few days is not always an easy feat, but with endless games of hide and seek, drawings of masterpieces (thanks Kate), stomping in muddy puddles, the balancing of cards and mini chairs, hilarious dress ups and trick or treating in every doorway of the house, they did a superb job – thank you!

It has been a welcome relief from the everyday which has been quite the balancing act and particularly exhausting of late. I haven’t always been managing to balance it all that well.

This weekend has been a welcome relief.
Thank you family.

What has been happening at your house?

P.S. Don’t forget my little giveaway. Details here.

AT MY HOUSE… {stopping to smell the snails}

At my house I often find myself having tea parties and stopping to look at the small things when I should be doing a whole lot of other much more important things…..

… or should I?

I have a china tea set that was mine when I was a little girl. I have been saving it, still in it’s polystyrene packaging, for my children to be old enough to be extra careful with it. This weekend, while completely overhauling the children’s bedrooms with new bunk beds and the rearranging and finding of homes for a multitude of things, I took these down from the high shelf and as I did so, a plate dropped and smashed. After all these years of keeping it on a high shelf, away from the little ones, it was me, the extra careful adult, who broke it. I think there may just be a simple lesson in that…

I am constantly reminded of the things in my life that I really should be grateful for and to stop worrying about those unimportant things that I convince myself are important.

What lessons are you learning at your house?


I’ve been having fun with the Hipstamatic iphone app*
… and enjoying the sunshine, daisies, picnics (and endless squabbles) with the family on a well-earned break.

As mentioned previously, the word ‘holiday’ is not necessarily a word that should be used when going away with three young children, but it is a welcome change nonetheless.

* you can play around with the lens, the film and the flash and get some cool vintage images or a ‘pop’ of color! Fun!

P.S. Technically these photos were not taken ‘at my house’ but I’m sure it’s still allowed. To play along visit Lou’s house.

P.P.S. There may just not be an Easy Peasy Dinner Winner here tomorrow as the easiest dinners of all will be happening here – meals cooked by someone else!!


I am such a sucker for punishment sometimes, but there is something in me that truly believes that childhood is all about being allowed to get messy (within reason of course).

So today I thought we’d try a bit of goop to pass the time. It was sunny outside, the ingredients were handy and the mess stayed outside.

It feels VERY cool.
Kind of hard to explain – you’ve got to give it a go!
When the mixture is squeezed it becomes a hard lump then melts and then becomes hard again.

To make your own: just add 2 cups of cornflour to 1/2 cup of water.

I added more water at the beginning and then a little more later as it dried up after a while. We added food coloring too. I thought green would have been ideal, making it both the colour & consistency of slime, but I was outvoted.

We also had a bit of fun with a pink balloon, a pink straw, a bit of string and some duct tape – thanks Sarah.
You don’t tie the balloon up. You just let go and see it flying like a rocket to the other end of the string.
I thought I’d link in with kasiabear’s kiddy art and of course the ever favorite At My House with Lou.
What’s going on at your house?
Got any more cool ideas of things that I can amuse my kids with these school holidays?


At my house we have a house full of sickies. Well, myself and the youngest two. The Dad’s been so busy at work he hasn’t had time to catch it and Goose has gone to Granny’s for a few days, so those that remain are doing the absolute bare minimum!

The dolls clothes that Grandma lovingly sewed many years ago for their big sister have been discovered with much excitement and have been the hit for the day.

So good to see them actually in use – Goose was not much of a doll girl.

When things are handmade, you know the effort and love put into making them and it makes you appreciate the items so much more.

One of my favorite toys of the kids is this vintage dolls pram. It belonged to my husband when he was a boy….. he came from a family of all boys….. no gender stereotyping there!
The only thing I ever heard of them using it for though was for giving each other rides up and down the hall way ….

Play along over at Lou’s this week
& don’t forget to take a photo of those easy peasy dinners and play along here tomorrow….

P.S. If only they were old enough to put the clothes on and off all by themselves!! In your experience, does the age of doll playing ever coincide with the ability to actually dress them themselves or are they generally over it by that age?


Not a lot of time for extra creativeness at our house at the moment. I’m struggling. But as the need to be creative is not an optional extra in my book – I need it for survival – it just comes out and pops up in the most ordinary of places. I add a splash of color into my life in whatever way I can….

By color coding the washing…. pinks all together (with pink pegs), blues all together (with blue pegs)… you get the picture. *

By popping a splash of color into the bath every night …

everyone keeps their food dye in the bathroom ….. don’t they? **

These may just be the scenes from the house of someone in desperate need of a break and a bit of me time…..

I like to dream of being slightly more creative again over at kootoyoo

and play along (belatedly) with ‘at my house’…….

if only there was more time……

but, this too shall pass……

and I’ll be knitting, sewing, gluing and cutting and getting those creative juices flowing again one day soon…….. it may well be in a few years, but as my Mum says, those kids won’t be at home forever….

So while they are here at home with me, taking up every spare second of my day (and some of the night….) I’ll pop in whatever bit of creativeness we can manage.

*You’ll note there is actually a matching pair of socks there! And you may also notice a green peg instead of a pink one…… oops.
** While we’re there – does anyone know how to get bath scum off bath toys – those letters in particular?


At my house we got all excited about our re-stocked vege patch a few weeks ago, but sadly not all is going according to plan. I think Farmer Scarecrow says it all….. it has seen better days….

For the first year and half we had little trouble in our vege patch, a few aphids in the brocoli and a few chicken attacks, but on the whole I have been really impressed with how our plants have thrived and I have really enjoyed the process. This last few months though, I just haven’t had much luck with anything but my rhubarb and nastursiums. Pests are not so fun :0(

Within days of being planted something started eating the tops of the new little seedlings. We had dealt with the snails and slugs and I was sure that it was not them, the chickens have been kept well away, and no caterpillars could cause such destruction so quickly! So I was left to assume either possums or pigeons. On my mother-in-laws advice I have put some of that smelly seaweedy kelp fertilizer stuff on them. She swears that it deterred the possums at her house after they swiped a crop of broad beans at her house. I think it may just be doing the trick, as they are no worse and starting to regrow slowly, but I am also planning the annoying addition of some bird netting to protect my patch.

On the upside though, the blossoms on our stone fruit trees are starting to come out, our little herb garden outside the kitchen door is going strong (although perhaps in need of a prune) and my parsley seems to be reviving itself (after a little magic spray)! You’ll notice the ends are still all eaten but there are new leaves growing from the middle – all hope is not lost for my favourite and most used plants!

Play along with Lou & let us know what is happening at your house.

Or, if you have a vege garden, no matter how small or how well it is flourishing, why not join in with Bellgirl’sveg about’.


At my house we tried this fun and easy science experiment.
As far as I know it only works on these particular flowers – snowdrops we always called them.
They are popping up all over the place at the moment. A sign that spring is almost here.

You just pop them into some water with some food coloring in it and overnight the color creeps up the stem and colors the petals.

Play along with Lou’s At My House this week.

Addition – This evening the petals are even more brilliantly colored and these photos (taken this morning) do not do them justice.

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