This Saturday I’m grateful for a little bit of family time. Time over a weekend to just stay at home and potter is so ridiculously rare at this house. There always seems to be something going on and somewhere we need to be.

I love to savour and breathe in the little ‘everyday’ moments, particularly in the backyard – spending time outside is just good for the soul.

Although these photos were obviously not taken in the past week where there has been more rain than sunshine, as sad as it may sound, hanging clothes on the line is one of my favourite household chores. I find the time to slow down and reflect, with the kids playing around me and letting the chooks out for a run rather therapeutic. Hanging clothes over clothes horses over vents throughout the house, does not have quite the same appeal or aesthetic…

I’m also grateful for these two gorgeous little kids who I get to hang out with during the week, while their big sister is at school and their Dad is at work. They really are so different to each other in so many ways, but they are the best of mates to each other at only 15 months apart (yes, we are insane) and they really are very good at amusing themselves without my help. Something I am truly grateful for.

Remembering that he likes things to match, he quickly amended his ‘peg fingers’ to more suit his slightly OCD tendencies. This quietly observant and kind hearted child finds himself in the middle of two loud & bold as brass sisters.

Grotty, full of cheekiness & spunk, dressed in her favourite pink “ballet dress” (thanks Kate!), constantly talking & always in an animated fashion – these images typify so much of what I’ll remember of this little one at this age (which is of course the number she is holding).

What are you grateful for?

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Otherwise entitled “It’s your birthday chooky-la-la’s and I’m making you a cake..”

This child rarely pauses for breath. There doesn’t necessarily have to be anyone listening for her to continue talking.

At first ‘Scratchy’ & ‘Flappy’ weren’t interested and she was a little disappointed….

so we laced the cake with chicken pellets…

…and they may have been a little too enthusiastic for her liking!

I quite enjoy our times in the backyard.

The little things.

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Imaginitive play is my favorite.


A blog post celebrating the beauty in the everyday. I have found this to be one of the most therapeutic things about blogging.

Enjoying a bit of sunshine out in the backyard today. Hanging the washing out on the line.

Enjoying some favourite regular rituals of
feeding the chickens.

collecting the eggs

shooing the chickens away from the vegies

and giving them a good talking to when they invade the sandpit!

What everyday rituals do you have?

Mind you, it doesn’t always happen so peacefully and many days have me racing to get the washing on and off the line so we can go out, or hanging the clothes all through the house over the ducted heating vents because it is too wet outside and children pulling them off the vent onto dirty floors well in need of a mop. This is why it is so therapeutic for me to see that sometimes it does work.

A quote I found the other day in The Divided Heart reminded me of why I blog

“If you want to really hear yourself, write. Because you will hear.”

It is important for me as I get bogged down in the everyday to find the snippets of sunshine amongst the rest. I can feel like everything is going into utter chaos, but I take one look at my blog and see all was well and I have created something (apart from a messy house) for at least 5 mins of the day.


Maybe if I stand really still, I can use the element of surprise…



She just wanted to have a cuddle, but ‘Scratchy’ had other ideas.

In the end, frustration took over and she was forced to admit defeat…

Collecting eggs is much more rewarding anyway!

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