Markets, Blogiversaries & a Giveaway!

Thanks so much for all of your encouraging comments for my first ever real market last Saturday.  I had such a great time!  It was such a buzz that we’ve booked in to do another!  Thanks to all the people who came to say hi!  So awesome to meet some bloggy buddies IRL* as well!
On another note, over the Easter holidays this little blog turned two!  Life has since continued on at it’s usual rapid rate and the blog quietly slid into it’s third year with me barely finding time to scratch together a post, but I really wanted a chance to thank you all so much for making this blogging caper such an invaluable part of my journey.

Fortuitously, post market, I now have a nice little handful of goodies that I’d love to give away to one lovely Frog, Goose & Bear reader as a way of saying thanks!

In this ‘Frog, Goose & Bear Giveaway Pack’ you’ll find……

One rainbow cloud vertical garland**, one mini map bunting, one clay birdie, two fabric covered cards, one origami bunting card and two fabric covered hairties.

Simply comment on this post to go into the draw.***  While you’re there you might like to share what you would like to see in a ‘Frog Goose & Bear’ etsy/madeit store if there was ever to be one.

Entries close next Friday (18 May).  
A winner will be randomly selected sometime next weekend.  

* in real life
** 2m in length (unlike the one pictured).
*** If you don’t have a blog, you can enter too!  Just make sure that your email address is included in your comment so that I can contact you! 

My Creative Space – Miniature Bunting

I haven’t joined in with the fabulously inspiring ‘creative space’ for a long time…

Inspired by many other clever gals across the internet and my stash of origami paper, I’ve been making some mini bunting birthday cards for friends.

Then I tried making some mini bunting by just sewing triangles together.  

I made these ones from an old Melbourne street directory for an extremely well-travelled 3 year old who has a thing for maps and had an aeroplane themed birthday party.
I also made some for my extremely well travelled sister-in-law who has a ‘thing’ for bunting and is currently living overseas.  Thought they might reminder her of home.

I quite enjoyed making them as I have a ‘thing’ for cutting paper with scissors.
It is a great ‘in-front-of-the-telly’ activity.  I need some more of those in my life.  I spend far too much time on the move and ‘getting stuff done’ after the kids go to bed and I need to allow myself some time just to sit in front of the telly.  This way at least I can still feel productive and not like I’m completely wasting my time.
Such frivolous time wastage can sometimes feel like a thing of the past for me.  Pre-children.  They just don’t seem as urgent as the thousand other things that need to be done.  After pushing myself far too hard on too many occasions, since starting this blog, I am starting to realise that these things are possibly even more important for a mother sometimes.  When we have taken some time out doing something that relaxes or refreshes us we are much better mothers and much better people.  Sometimes those dishes just have to wait and cutting up paper triangles can be even better for the soul of someone like me who is completely energised by doing something a little bit crafty, creative and frivolous.  

Do you feel like you are wasting your time if you just sit and watch telly, read a book (or a blog), go for a walk, sit at the park watching your kids or cutting up paper triangles?  Or are you good at looking after yourself?

To check out other creative souls, head on over here.  You’ll be stuck for hours and just maybe, that might not necessarily be a bad thing.

MY CREATIVE SPACE – {a vintage farm party}

The farm party, for a soon to be 3 year old, is starting to take shape…..

The invitations are all ready to be given out.

“A Day on the Farm” is a regular read at bedtime at our house.
A classic 1960 golden book from my childhood stash.
I was a little excited when I found all the pages already online at this great little site.
Using just a few of the pages, I changed one or two words here & there to include the birthday boys name & the details of the party and made a very basic little story book invitation.
I’m quite excited by how they turned out.

To help set the mood, last week the kids and I whipped up a scarecrow – I kid you not (or maybe it is obvious!) – in about 20 minutes. Couldn’t believe my luck when we just found the pieces lying around.


The body – an old bassinet mattress that had seen better days, an old shirt of the husbands, a small scrap of red gingham fabric & some straw (stolen from some unsuspecting chickens).

The head – an old cushion insert & some white cotton fabric bunched up at the back with a rubber band, a hat from the dress up box & some great texta work from the six year old.

All secured onto a bamboo stake (that was already in the garden holding up a dying capsicum plant) & a long stick (found in the back yard) which was unceremoniously rammed through the fabric on the very, very old (my husband slept on it as a baby) mattress.

My very clever Mum made this bunting for me using four gingham fabrics. I used it on market day & it now hangs up in his room. It goes perfectly with the farm theme in my humble opinion. Thanks Mum!

Stay tuned for more ‘farm party’ ideas here in the coming weeks.

Head over to Kirsty’s blog for a creative fix every Thursday.

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