Buttons by Lou Lou is having a giveaway!

I know that I am biased, but her stuff really is absolutely gorgeous and I’ve seen her make thousands of buttons. I know what good quality they are! My daughters get her “rejects” (she only has sons – lucky me!) and believe me only she could see the imperfections! I certainly can’t. That’s how particular she is!
Every single one of our friends gets her products for birthdays! So easy to send in the mail and they are great for party favours also!

This Alice in Wonderland brooch just may be up for grabs. Head on over and find out.


While Emma (who’s blog this is) is at the beach I have again hijacked her blog. I don’t know what her creative space is like at the beach this week but I know she likes to join in with Kirsty as often as she can. Emma has been helping me with my son’s party preparation recently and this cardboard bunting has been in her creative space. Emma made this gorgeous bunting from a printable pdf (that she also bought for me) to use for my 2 year old’s truck party. I love the colours. Thanks Em! Hope you’re still having fun at the beach – although apparently she has very limited internet access so might not see this until she is back!
For more creative spaces you can visit here

Lou on behalf of (maybe not on behalf of as that suggests I have permission – you’ve got to forgive sisters though, don’t you?)


(This is Emma’s sister Lou being a bit cheeky here while she is away at the beach. She gave me her blog log in details for something else but I couldn’t resist posting this picture of her ‘goose’ at the Werribee Open Range Zoo on Monday. I know Emma loves to join in with wordless wednesday so hopefully she will forgive me – Lou. )
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