MY ‘SUPER’ CREATIVE SPACE… is it a bird? Is it a plane?

This week ‘Super Frog’ and I have been creating an especially Froggy* superhero outfit for her upcoming 3rd birthday party.  The outfit was completely inspired by this vintage supergirl party and the photoshoot idea from this vintage pink party.

- I used this pattern for the mask and used felt with fabric sewn over the top.
- For the armbands, I cut the toes off a pair of Frog’s socks with an extra slit on the side for her thumb.
- For the belt I used an elastic headband which amazingly was the perfect size for her waist and used felt & fabric again for the heart and letter ‘A’.
- Frog’s ever favourite superhero cape was made by her Aunty Lou who used this free pattern.

 Frog’s favourite thing at the moment is to dress up as a superhero and run around the house with her fist out in front of her.   

If someone dares tell her that she is ‘gorgeous’, ‘adorable’, ‘cute’ or any other form of endearment, they are promptly corrected with – “No I’m not, I’m super!”

 Frog has worn a superman costume to bed as pyjamas almost every night for at least 6 months and now she wears this one (minus the cape & mask). 

Frog’s favourite color is pink.  She is one of those children who refuses to eat or drink out of any bowl, plate or cup that is not pink.  It’s just one of those battles we’ve decided we’re OK with avoiding.  She chooses her own clothes (I wouldn’t dare!) and the outfits are inevitably pink.**

So we did not have much trouble at all coming up with a theme for her 3rd birthday party!  
Pink Superhero it is!

We had so much fun taking these photos for her party invitations.  A simple photo shoot in the backyard – an old doona cover*** hanging from the clothesline with an old wooden box and a piece of wood I found behind the shed that I quickly painted with chalkboard paint. 

Even her friends the chickens had to be a part of it!  
She put a pink cup of tea out for them especially!

  I took far too many and now I can’t choose which ones to use for the invitation!

 Frog kept asking to draw on the chalk board and when I finally let her, she drew the cutest superhero I’ve ever seen, or is that a ‘super’ superhero?

Joining in today with our creative spaces.

* Her real name is obviously not Frog, or she would have an F on her belt.
** This fascinates me!  Her older sister could not care less about color, or what she wore.
*** This doona cover was my first doona when I was a girl.  How vintagely cool is it now?!  Nicely ironed too you’ll notice ;) – we don’t go toooooo overboard!


Looking for a quick and simple school holiday activity?
This plastic cup looks and sounds just like a chicken! It really does. In fact, the sound is more genuine than the looks if we’re being honest…

1. Take one disposable plastic or polystyrene cup and poke a small hole in the bottom.
2. Tie a large knot in a piece of nylon string and thread it through the hole, leaving the knot on the outside so that the string won’t go through when it’s tugged on.
3. Decorate your cup so that it somewhat resembles a chicken. Stick on some feathers and some paper cut as eyes & beak or just drawing on with textas will do the trick.
4. Cut a small rectangular piece of kitchen sponge.*
5. To make the chicken cluck: slightly dampen the sponge, fold the sponge over the string (at the top) and run the sponge down the string holding it firmly with quick, short tugs and it makes a loud clucking sound.**
N.B. – the string really needs to be polyester (the shiny stuff) or the noise won’t be as effective.

What fun activities are you getting up to over the school holidays?

This craft could also work well at a farm party or next Easter!
Check out this plastic cup craft here – we’ll be giving this a go!

For more kids craft ideas, check out the FGB Kids Craft page here.

* You may like to tie the sponge on to the bottom of the string so it doesn’t get lost.
** If this does not make sense – please let me know & I’ll try to explain it better!


Otherwise entitled “It’s your birthday chooky-la-la’s and I’m making you a cake..”

This child rarely pauses for breath. There doesn’t necessarily have to be anyone listening for her to continue talking.

At first ‘Scratchy’ & ‘Flappy’ weren’t interested and she was a little disappointed….

so we laced the cake with chicken pellets…

…and they may have been a little too enthusiastic for her liking!

I quite enjoy our times in the backyard.

The little things.

Head on over to Childhood 101 for more kids at play.
Imaginitive play is my favorite.


A blog post celebrating the beauty in the everyday. I have found this to be one of the most therapeutic things about blogging.

Enjoying a bit of sunshine out in the backyard today. Hanging the washing out on the line.

Enjoying some favourite regular rituals of
feeding the chickens.

collecting the eggs

shooing the chickens away from the vegies

and giving them a good talking to when they invade the sandpit!

What everyday rituals do you have?

Mind you, it doesn’t always happen so peacefully and many days have me racing to get the washing on and off the line so we can go out, or hanging the clothes all through the house over the ducted heating vents because it is too wet outside and children pulling them off the vent onto dirty floors well in need of a mop. This is why it is so therapeutic for me to see that sometimes it does work.

A quote I found the other day in The Divided Heart reminded me of why I blog

“If you want to really hear yourself, write. Because you will hear.”

It is important for me as I get bogged down in the everyday to find the snippets of sunshine amongst the rest. I can feel like everything is going into utter chaos, but I take one look at my blog and see all was well and I have created something (apart from a messy house) for at least 5 mins of the day.


Here is my second post containing easy peasy super quick, yet healthy dinners for those week nights when you just need to get something on the table! Nothing fancy here. Please don’t think that I am some super – absolutely love to cook, kind of Mum – I am VERY over cooking dinner at the moment! I do it out of necessity. I cook dinner 6 nights a week and on the seventh day I rest – and we do takeaway (or on the very, very odd occasion my husband will be home in time for dinner & he’ll cook). So I thought I’d share with you some of the easy things that I have done as a way to get some from you! How do you cope with getting dinner on the table every night? Do you slave away in the kitchen all day cooking gourmet feasts or do you get home from work and whip something out of the freezer? Or something in between?

I got this one from my friend Agatha and it is her husband’s recipe. Although it has a long cooking time, it has a very quick preparation time….
preheat oven to 180 degrees
wash chicken legs (skin on) & put into oven roasting dish
sprinkle with salt, pepper & dried oregano
turn over in dish & sprinkle other side with salt, pepper & dried oregano
Very quick drizzle with olive oil over legs
cook in 180 degree oven for 45mins -1hr
Take out of oven & squeeze lemon juice over legs
serve with plain rice and steamed vegies.

Just as yummy, we have tried – Cornflakes on Chicken Drumsticks or rolling them in flour, egg then breadcrumbs and just serving with some vegies. I often cook this Roast Lemon Chicken (pictured below) as it only has a few ingredients, is quick to prepare and loved by all.


from Gina at Clutterpunk

Steam broccoli pieces (the more the better) over pasta pot. Meanwhile melt some anchovies in a pan with a good lug of olive oil, add chilli flakes, garlic and lemon zest if you’ve got it. Chuck the broc in once it’s tender and saut√© for a bit. When the pasta is done add it in too with some pasta water and/or more olive oil to ensure it’s moist. Sprinkle with toasted pinenuts/almond flakes and Parmesan cheese.

Please keep emailing your recipes in and I’ll add them in the weeks to come!


Maybe if I stand really still, I can use the element of surprise…



She just wanted to have a cuddle, but ‘Scratchy’ had other ideas.

In the end, frustration took over and she was forced to admit defeat…

Collecting eggs is much more rewarding anyway!

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