How to make a mini paper wreath

I was at a friends house last week and she was making lots of adorable little paper wreaths to give to friends for Christmas.  They looked gorgeous all packaged up ready to give.  I had my camera with me, so I asked her to show me how she made them …

1.  Cut 8 pieces of paper into 4cm x 8cm rectangles.

 2. Fold the rectangle in half lengthways.

3. Fold it in half the other way.

4. Open it out again and fold the corners up.

You are folding from the open end up toward the folded end.

5. Fold it back in half again.

6.  Do the same with each of your eight pieces of paper.

7.  One by one you’ll need to fit the pieces of paper inside each other until you have a complete circle.

8.  Now you can attach a piece of ribbon and hang it on your tree.  

Below are some more handmade Christmas decoration ideas from the Frog Goose and Bear archives that you might like to try …

Do you have a Christmas tree up yet at your house?


As Goose and I snuck down the street to pinch some pine leaves* to embelish our pressies, she asked if we could make a wreath for our door.

I had been secretly wanting one myself, and had never made one before, so we set to work and in about 5 mins we had ourselves a wreath.  

We grabbed a wire coat hanger from the cupboard and pulled it out to make a circle shape.  You can probably just make out the hook of the coat hanger in the photo above.  Then we tied some pine branches on with some string and covered the string with some little red baubles (which are attached to wire) leftover from last years bon bons.

We added a little clay bird decoration that we nabbed from the Christmas tree.


Then posed for photos!

Maybe a little late with Christmas only being 2 more sleeps away, but it’s pretty gorgeous (both the wreath and the child;) if I do say so myself!  In the above photo, Goose is holding some secret pressies that we made for her aunt’s and uncles today.  I will post them tomorrow afternoon, as they are great last minute gift ideas, as I know that my family all read my blog!

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*  Just in case you were wondering… the trees are on the street, not in someone’s yard.


In unpacking the Christmas decos last week,
(or was that the week before?!  Life is flying along at a rapid rate at the moment!)
I discovered these cute pasta angels that Goose made last year with her Grandma.  My mother-in-law makes these every year and she is quite the expert, but she tells me it is very easy.  All you need is some pasta, a wooden bead and a hot glue gun! 

 Goose spray painted these with some gold glitter and it looks like some white paint on there too.  They look more gold in real life.

You’ll find a well written tutorial here.  
Although they draw on the hair and face, instead of small pasta as hair.  Both look cute.

For more kids Christmas crafts, you can head over here to the FGB kids craft page.

EASY PAPER CHRISTMAS DECOS (& a handy tree hanging tip)

While making some paper garlands for last week’s fundraising Christmas market, I experimented a little using the same concept and came up with a fun & simple way to make this paper bauble Christmas decoration.

To make these cute garlands you need a large circle hole punch* (or some scissors & a shot glass), some old sheet music and a sewing machine.  Place 2 paper circles on top of each other and thread through the machine and repeat until you have a garland of your desired length.  

To make the single bauble decoration you use the same concept.  This time you pile 5 paper circles on top of each other (depending on the thickness of your paper & what your machine will cope with) and thread it through the machine, leaving a long thread at one end to use as the string to attach to the tree.  Both the garland and the bauble really work best with double sided paper.

While we are on the topic of Christmas decos, I thought I’d share a little cheats way of hanging Christmas decorations that my mother taught me…Twisting open a wire paperclip (as pictured below) makes decorating the Christmas tree so much easier for little hands!

To be honest, you don’t really need a sewing machine to make the paper bauble Christmas decoration.  I have seen it made many times using glue.  Just slightly more time consuming.  With a gluestick and some more paper circles, you could also have fun making a larger paper bauble like this one made by my clever friend Heather.

I have also seen the same concept work really well on Christmas cards here.

This garland that I saw on the Creative Place last week is what I want to try next…after I purchase some different sized hole punches… a whole new league of garland!  

For some more paper decorations made from old sheet music check these out.

My circle punches are both 2″ in size.  One plain circle and one with a scalloped edge.  Mine were purchased on ebay, but I have seen them at art supply shops in various shapes and sizes.

MY CREATIVE SPACE…clay decorations

Completely inspired by clay christmas decorations that I have come across online via pinterest - here, here & here & here, just to name a few.

Goose and I tried our hand at making clay Christmas decorations on the weekend.

Using cookie cutters, some rubber stamps, some pine leaves & some doilies.

I was really happy with how they turned out!

We used oven bake clay and it was so beautiful to work with.  
It was so much fun, we just kept going and going. 

A friend and I are having a little stall at a fundraising market at her children’s school on Monday night next week, so I think that I might add a few to our stall. 

I think I’ll also use them as tags on Christmas presents that can then double as Christmas tree decorations as part of the gift.

What Christmas creativity have you been getting up to?
Time to put up the tree and start the advent calendar.

For more creative spaces head over here.

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