DIY Clay herb labels

We’ve been imprinting leaves into clay over in these parts.  Just like we did with our clay necklaces and our little clay decorations, but this time we used stamps as well to make labels for the herbs in our garden.

and little worms to go in the garden as well.

Frog had lots of fun imprinting the leaves into the clay over and over again and using the rolling pin.

The labels have been very helpful when sending the kids outside to pick herbs while I’m cooking dinner …

Do you grow herbs at your house?  What is your favourite herb?  
Mine is definitely mint.  I  absolutely love the smell, but in reality boring old parsley probably gets used more than any other.

For more crafty things to do with kids head over to FGB’s Kids Craft Page …


Yes, it’s been a while…

Just a whole lot going on over here at FGB headquarters.  Not the least of which a rather major hernia op and it’s recovery that has taken me a little by surprise and landed me on my backside along with a yearning for a much slower pace of life.  I am so grateful for the kind support of family & friends in the form of delicious dinners and most of all to my Mum & husband who have taken on quite an extra load.  Thank goodness for the school holidays and the slower days they bring.  We are cherishing them.  

This is what we got up to over the weekend…

What to do when the dampness of winter is creeping into your pavers?  Make mini fairy gardens of course!  I distinctly remember from my own childhood that fairies have quite a fondness for moss.

There are tutorials a-plenty on pinterest, but we found this one particularly simple and easy to follow and we happened to have everything we needed!

First we found some pebbles from our driveway & popped them in the bottom of our jars.

Then a layer of activated charcoal.*

Then a layer of soil.

And finally a layer of moss.

So that’s four layers – pebbles, charcoal, soil & moss.  All for drainage, etc so the moss will (hopefully) survive.  We gave it a little spray of water when we were done.
Then it was time to add a touch of ‘fairy’.

We had a small amount of clay left over so we put our hand to making toadstools.  We pushed a small toothpick into the clay to join the top to the stem and left the pointy end out to help it stand in the mossy garden bed.

We painted them red with white dots, of course.

Then added them to the fairy gardens, along with some pebbles, handmade clay signage
and miniature toys.

The kids were thrilled with their masterpieces!

 Some nasturtium umbrellas in case it rains.

We did add lids to ours later to save on watering and they are now being kept out of direct sunlight.

Have you made terrariums before?  Or fairy gardens?  How did they go?

For more kids craft ideas to occupy your kids these school holidays you might like to have a squiz at the FGB kids craft page.

* yes, we actually had that laying around!  Leftover from the filter of the abandoned fish tank of the long since deceased Fishy & Bishy.


This year, I am once again co-ordinating the craft activities for my MOPS* group.  Once a fortnight I need to come up with a 30 minute craft for a group of gorgeous women.  Some are seasoned crafters and others are new to expressing their creative side.  I love the challenge!  I’m really excited about the fun crafts we’ll be making this year.

One of the crafts that we’ve done already this year is to make clay necklaces.**
You might remember the clay decos that Goose & I made at Christmas time.  Same concept.  Oven baked clay imprinted with leaves.

We also made some with newspaper imprints.  If you want to give this a go, remember that the image comes out in reverse.  The one attached to the necklace on the picture below is from a picture of a tomato plant from a Bunnings ad.

We attached them at the back, by first of all putting a dob of hot glue onto a small split ring and then attaching this onto the back of the cooked clay with superglue. We then slid it onto the wire necklace.  It also means that the clay images are also interchangeable.  

Oven baked clay comes in all different colours, so the possibilities are endless.
I’ve been loving working with this simple and easy to use clay lately. The kids really enjoy playing with it too and making their own creations. 

Sage & Daisy leaves were my faves.

I’m keen to try making some small bowls like this & this.  
Have you used clay before?  What have you made?

I’ve been collecting simple craft ideas on my pinterest page.  If you have any ideas for me – I’d love to hear your suggestions!

Joining in with our creative spaces once again.

There are MOPS groups all over the world.  MOPS is short for ‘Mothers of Preschoolers’ and according to our facebook page - MOPS offers a caring & accepting atmosphere where Mums have an opportunity to share concerns, make friends, explore areas of creativity and learn.  We have some really worthwhile speakers & discussions.

** Thanks Claire & Candy for the inspiration!  & thanks Claire for making 30 of those split ring/hot glue combos!

MY CREATIVE SPACE…clay decorations

Completely inspired by clay christmas decorations that I have come across online via pinterest - here, here & here & here, just to name a few.

Goose and I tried our hand at making clay Christmas decorations on the weekend.

Using cookie cutters, some rubber stamps, some pine leaves & some doilies.

I was really happy with how they turned out!

We used oven bake clay and it was so beautiful to work with.  
It was so much fun, we just kept going and going. 

A friend and I are having a little stall at a fundraising market at her children’s school on Monday night next week, so I think that I might add a few to our stall. 

I think I’ll also use them as tags on Christmas presents that can then double as Christmas tree decorations as part of the gift.

What Christmas creativity have you been getting up to?
Time to put up the tree and start the advent calendar.

For more creative spaces head over here.

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