Welcome to the second instalment of ‘The Lego Party’!  
A quick run down on the games & activities …

I like to have “stations”.  Mostly because it takes the pressure off me but also because it cuts down a little of the awkwardness when you first arrive at the party and not everyone is there yet to start any group games and you can just get right into the fun!  If you’ve seen any of our other parties, you’ll know that we do this set up often!  There were a lot of kids at this party (27 in the end – what on earth was I thinking?!) so we had lots of stations and only 2 organised group games.

Sounds a bit formal doesn’t it, but it was really a very relaxed, play whatever takes your fancy, kind of set up.  

1.  Lego Tattoos –  I actually made my own tattoos.  I still love saying that!  These ones were made by photocopying a page from a sticker book onto tattoo paper.  You can find a full tutorial here.

2.  Lego man colouring table - I just googled ‘lego man printable’ to find this pic.  This activity was surprisingly popular with both boys and girls.

3.  Free play with Lego - I was so impressed with the things the kids created!  Many thanks to my mother-in-law who purchased the giant bargain bag of mismatched lego earlier this year!

4.  Pin the mouth on the Lego man - thanks to the great artistic skills of my friend Jess for helping me make this baby!  Made with coloured card stuck on a large piece of card.

5. Lego Straw game – move the Lego pieces into the cup only using a straw. 
Tip: small lego pieces and bendy straws made it a little easier for this age group.

6.  Lego Toss - How many lego pieces can you get to land in the plates.  Can you tell that it’s meant to look like a giant lego brick …. ? Probably should have given the kids a chance to score points and get prizes for this one, but ran out of time to organise it properly.  Not sure anyone minded though.

7.  How many lego pieces in the jar?  There were 109 lego pieces in that jar … 
8. Lego Man Photo booth – Thanks to the talented Jess once again for drawing this one! The kids and I had great fun painting the fridge box and on the day of the party the kids loved poking their heads through and getting their photo taken.  It is still a popular feature in our house (?!)

Pass the Parcel - We play this game a little differently than most.  There is no music and an activity written on each layer.  For eg. the person wearing the most items of clothing, the person who can stand on one leg for the longest, the person who has the next birthday, the person who can make the funniest face.  The person with the parcel at the time is the judge of that round.  In the pic below they are all doing crab impersonations!

Lego Hunt – Goose hid Lego all through our garden – front, back and sides.  Each child had to find four pieces of Lego – one of each colour – and exchange it for a small prize. A simple, but fun, game to get them running around and to tire them out a little!

The prizes for the lego hunt were chocolates that I made using a fantastic Lego man mould that I borrowed from a friend.  I forgot to take a picture of these on the day, so this pic below is of the ones that we made for Bear’s school friends on his actual birthday last week, all individually wrapped.  Tutorial on how to make these here and I just used white chocolate and yellow gel food dye.  I’m pretty sure they sell the moulds on ebay.
The take home goodies were simply a small lego set (a bargain on ebay) and some candy Lego bricks I purchased on my recent trip to the US that I popped in a treat tube (my new favourite thing).

You can find part 1 of the Lego Party here with the pics of the food & decos and pics of the invites & party prep here

You can also find more party ideas from previous Frog Goose & Bear parties over here

If you have any questions about preparing your own kids party, don’t be scared to ask – I’m always happy to help if I can!


Inspired by party preparation over here a while back, I thought I’d share a fun idea that was quite the craze at our house last year – magnetic dolls!

All you need to do is print some paper dolls onto magnetic paper*. Cut them out** and pop them in a tin for a gift or travel toy, or straight onto the fridge.
Paper dolls can be found in many places on the net.
Nicole has posted about some gorgeous free vintage printable paper dolls which would be ideal!

I went one step different from this and asked my talented sister (whose drawings are on my blog header and side bar) to draw me some gorgeous little black and white paper dolls. We printed them onto magnetic paper, cut them out and gave them as a gift along with coloured textas for the child to color in themselves.

If you type in ‘printable paper dolls’ into, you can purchase some for a minimal amount, even this one, designed especially for magnets and which also comes with a page that you can color in just like these!

* I purchased mine at Officeworks – Avery brand. It is very thin, so easily goes through your printer and cuts easily with regular scissors. Alternatively, magnetic sheeting is also available online in thicker sheets. You can print onto regular paper, stick onto magnetic sheet and cut out in the same way. Magnet is stronger, but it is also tougher to cut out. You’ll need a simple & basic image to do this.

** When cutting, you just ignore the little tabs on the paper dolls.


It has been a whole year since I first started this blog!

Regular readers will know that I am just a little obsessed with birthday parties…You can see some of my parties here, but to celebrate this bloggy birthday… I’d love to see your parties!

I love trawling through ‘party blogs’ looking for inspiration, however often these parties are super-styled with professional photographers and look like they must have cost an absolute fortune!

I’d love to get together a collection of ‘real life’ DIY parties put on by ‘everyday’ people.

I know lots of you have put on some gorgeous parties for your kids (& yourselves) and I’d love for you to share them here! So, join in and link up any party post you’ve ever done. Tell your friends. Link as many parties as you like and hopefully this will become a resource for other ‘everyday’ Mum’s like me looking for some ‘achievable’ DIY party inspiration!

As has been requested by a few of you, feel free to grab the party linky button on the side bar over there and pop it on your blog.

P.S. Thanks Maxabella for the suggestion!


We’ve been making more alfalfa sprouts at our house
and I’ve been doing a bit of ‘guest blogging’.

If you’d like to make some too, go and visit my lovely sister Lou at Buttons by Lou Lou for the instructions.

Thanks to all the great recipes that you’ve all been adding to Easy Peasy Dinner Winners – I’ll be sorted for meals for the week! The linky will be open for the whole week, as per usual, if any one else would like to join in.


“Spring has sprung, the grass has riz,
I wonder where the birdies is?”


We went for a walk yesterday and collected pine cones from the local golf course* – some to add to the nature collection we started at our friend’s holiday house, where we are currently staying, and some to make some of these….

Attach some twine to a pinecone, smear it in peanut butter** and roll it in some birdseed.

Hang it in a tree and wait for the birds.

So easy for kids (or adults***) to make.

* why are there always pine cones at golf courses?!
**or in this case a delicious peanut butter substitute made of sunflower seeds.
*** thanks MOPS!
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