A DIY DRESS-UP PARTY – {the actual dressing up}

And finally those promised photos….

This post may just end up in complete disownership of me from certain members of my family*

What can I say… it was a fun day and our dress up collection is full of hilarious outfits!

In my defense, and in the line of fairness, I have also included a shocker photo of myself.

And you are a brave, beautiful family for getting in on all the fun!

* If you are a member of my family reading this post and are mortified that these images are now on the www, please let me know (if you are still speaking to me) and I promise you that I will remove them quick as a flash!

A DIY DRESS-UP PARTY – {setting the scene}

Finally getting around to sharing some more photos of last week’s dress-up party for Frog’s 2nd birthday!

I pooled my Mum’s, my sister’s and our own dress-up collection and set it up to look like we were in a dressing room backstage at the theatre, complete with a little dressing room behind a few sheets pegged to the rafters as well as a large mirror surrounded by fairy lights.

I covered a couple of old wardrobe doors that were lying around in the shed with some cheap red fabric and added some glittery stars and we had our own photo booth to showcase our creative outfits.

We have a rather large shed in our backyard and we generally have our parties in there. A major benefit of this party location is that at the end of the day I literally slide closed the doors and leave it for another day to pack up! A week later the dress-ups and decorations are all still there, mostly shrewn across the floor.

My husband hosts a poker night once a month in our shed. As it often takes me weeks….ok months… to finally pull everything down, they’ve had underwater poker, princess poker, farm poker on haybales and we did actually set up the shed like a 1930′s poker den for my husband’s birthday last year. I can only imagine what I might find next poker night if I dare to venture into the shed … with all of those dress-ups still lying around… and after a beer or two…


Mondays are usually our home/catch up days.
Apart from mopping a muddy floor and drying LOTS
of washing after a wet weekend (oh the joys….)
we’ll be cooking up a wintery meal of thick vegie soup and
some apple & rhubarb crumble for dinner tonight with friends.
In my opinion the BEST crumble contains the following ingredients….

rolled oats, melted butter, brown sugar,
plain flour and shredded coconut & shaved almonds

I love a good fruit crumble when the weather gets a little cooler.
Amusing my kids at the moment is our dress up box. They like to put on different outfits while dancing to Justine Clarke’s Let’s Dress Up.
Op shops are by far the best spot to find gorgeous sparkly bags, shawls, scarves, necklaces & high heels – not to mention lacy lingerie (always great for a bride). Our kids are also lucky enough to receive a handmade dress up from Granny every year for their birthday.

Dress ups have always been big in our house, just as they were when I was growing up. Actually… we still sometimes get out our old dress up box at Granny’s house – which contains many vintage outfits that once belonged to Mum and some lovely wigs belonging to our Nana – just for fun. Kids and adults all get in on the action. Makes a dinner party just that little more interesting if you put a funny wig, hat or pigs nose at each persons place at the table…..