What should I do with my hundreds & thousands of sweet & ripe mini mandarines that are growing on the two trees in our front yard?  

Do you have any recipes to share?  I can’t think of a single one, so we’ve been eating them by the bucket load and giving away bags full every day.  Hundreds remain.

Do you say mandarines (man-dah-reen) or mandarin (man-dah-rin)?  Is it an Aussie thing or a state thing?  Or am I in the minority having called them mandarines for my whole life?

After typing it in the latter way, it seems there are quite a few out there after all that might be worth a try!

*That last pic is of the most recent fairy garden 


Yes, it’s been a while…

Just a whole lot going on over here at FGB headquarters.  Not the least of which a rather major hernia op and it’s recovery that has taken me a little by surprise and landed me on my backside along with a yearning for a much slower pace of life.  I am so grateful for the kind support of family & friends in the form of delicious dinners and most of all to my Mum & husband who have taken on quite an extra load.  Thank goodness for the school holidays and the slower days they bring.  We are cherishing them.  

This is what we got up to over the weekend…

What to do when the dampness of winter is creeping into your pavers?  Make mini fairy gardens of course!  I distinctly remember from my own childhood that fairies have quite a fondness for moss.

There are tutorials a-plenty on pinterest, but we found this one particularly simple and easy to follow and we happened to have everything we needed!

First we found some pebbles from our driveway & popped them in the bottom of our jars.

Then a layer of activated charcoal.*

Then a layer of soil.

And finally a layer of moss.

So that’s four layers – pebbles, charcoal, soil & moss.  All for drainage, etc so the moss will (hopefully) survive.  We gave it a little spray of water when we were done.
Then it was time to add a touch of ‘fairy’.

We had a small amount of clay left over so we put our hand to making toadstools.  We pushed a small toothpick into the clay to join the top to the stem and left the pointy end out to help it stand in the mossy garden bed.

We painted them red with white dots, of course.

Then added them to the fairy gardens, along with some pebbles, handmade clay signage
and miniature toys.

The kids were thrilled with their masterpieces!

 Some nasturtium umbrellas in case it rains.

We did add lids to ours later to save on watering and they are now being kept out of direct sunlight.

Have you made terrariums before?  Or fairy gardens?  How did they go?

For more kids craft ideas to occupy your kids these school holidays you might like to have a squiz at the FGB kids craft page.

* yes, we actually had that laying around!  Leftover from the filter of the abandoned fish tank of the long since deceased Fishy & Bishy.


Guess whose been watching the new Tinkerbell movie and making fairy gardens…..? Can entertain for hours.

The creative thought that went into the bridge, the road, etc. just makes me smile.

I have such fond memories of doing similar things with my sisters when I was a girl. I think we even entered our miniature fairy gardens into the local show! I remember lots of moss, tiny green leaves and white pebbles…

P.S. Have been thinking about this post about nurturing creativity in your children….

P.P.S. For some more adult creativeness go and visit here.

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