Some more egg decorating…

For some reason this year, I’ve got right into the whole easter craft thing!  We normally do one or two easter craft activities, but this year I can’t seem to stop!  It is most likely due to getting so much wonderful inspiration from fellow bloggers!

 Along with the fact that my children are getting older.  I no longer have babies, but children who are interested in, & capable (ish) of crafting along with me – with the exception of Bear.  “I’m not into craft, Mum” he often tells me.  His artwork folder at kinder is usually empty.  However, every now and then he ventures out of his ‘no craft’ box and surprises me.  

Last week when Bear and I were the only ones at home and I was preparing the MOPS craft for the week he was really keen on joining in.  It might have been about him wanting to experiment with colour & eggs, but it also might have been about spending some quality time with Mum which is sometimes hard to come by with this gentle & mild middle child who resides between two boisterous & defiant sisters.

We blew our eggs & used this simple dying technique.  We made these patterns using double sided tape (the stripes) & white crayon (the dots & words).  I saw today some gorgeous vintage lace eggs that I’d love to try next.  Egg dying is an Easter tradition in many households.  Is egg dying an Easter tradition at your house?

If you’re interested you’ll find more easter crafts over at the FGB kids craft page & even more over here on Red Ted’s Art collection of Easter crafts.

DIY Chalk Paint with a touch of Fizz.

My kids have always liked washing the windows (yes, I like to use child labour). It’s all about the spray bottle and spraying as much as you can. So last week, after a little too much fun was being had while washing windows that I actually did want cleaned, I just filled an old spray bottle with water and sent Bear off around the garden spraying to his hearts content. Not a stone, leaf or slater was left unsprayed after the good hour he spent out there.

I had seen a few recipes for sidewalk chalk paint around blogland and had been wanting to give it a try for some time, but after seeing how much fun Bear had with the spray bottle, I had to give this one a try!

We played around with a few recipes and ended up with this one, changing it’s name to be a little more Aussie of course…


1/4 cup cornflour
250g of baking soda
1/2 cup cold water
a few squirts of dishwashing liquid
a few drops of food colouring

You might like to play around with this recipe to get the consistency that’s right for you. You’ll just need to add more water if you return to it the next day and it’s started to dry out.

Fill a spray bottle with vinegar and spray on the painted chalk. Watch it start to fizz!

I had trouble dragging Bear away from this activity.

Incidentally, bicarb soda & vinegar are apparently a great natural combo for cleaning your bathroom – might just have to set this game up in the bathroom next time… minus the food dye of course!

For more fun kids activities, you might like to check out our Kids Craft Page.


When Bear came home from kinder last week with a gorgeous pasta jewellery creation and some annoying bickering ensued (because Frog wanted one too!) we decided that we’d make some more at home.

This time I thought I’d attempt a different way to dye the pasta and it was soooooo easy and the colors were much more vibrant than my previous attempts. So easy in fact that this could be a more regular activity.

1. Place uncooked pasta into a snaplock bag.
2. Put a few squirts of hand sanitiser into the bag.
3. Put a few drops of food dye into the bag.
4. Zip up bag and shake until colouring has mixed. (only a few seconds)
5. Empty bag onto paper towel or newspaper and dry in the sun.
(or on heater or just on bench)

N.B. Must put sanitiser in first, before food dye, or the color does not distribute evenly.

For making jewellery you will obviously need pasta with holes. We have had lots of fun with different shaped pasta such as dinosaurs, teddy bears, alphabet and farm animals which can all found at the supermarket.

This method works even better when coloring rice as it drys within minutes. Lots of fun can be had with colored rice as you can see here.

For more children’s craft activity ideas you might like to have a look at my Kids Craft Page.


Back when we first started having colored baths someone suggested that we try making our own body paint for the bath.

I finally got around to giving it a go….

Just add a drop of food coloring to some bubble bath or liquid soap in a cup and mix together – voila! Bath body paint!

The kids had an enormous amount of fun!

However, as we have lovely white tiles and white grout, when they started painting the tiles it left a slight stain on the grout, so not sure if we’ll be doing this again in the near future… If you have a grotty old bathroom or you don’t have tiles, but a shower screen, then go for it! Otherwise I’d suggest using it for bodies only.

If you’d like to read more about colored baths click here for a super easy, stain free way of having some bathtime fun!

I’m joining in again today with ‘We Play’ at Childhood 101.

Yes, we have a very squishy 3/4 sized bath which barely fits the kids in… hence my need on occasion to entice them in… although Goose often has showers or has a bath on her own and we work around it.
What fun bath time activities do you have to share?


Mikado, or pick-up sticks as it is also known, is a game that we played often as children. The game got its name from the highest scoring (blue) stick “Mikado“. Mikado is the name given to the Emperor of Japan. We played Giant Mikado at Goose’s Japanese birthday party last week and as a memento to send home, we made each child their own set of Mini Mikado. I think they will also work very well in our bon-bons/crackers next Christmas too!


I personally think the game works better if you can find double pointed, round toothpicks, but you could also make the regular size in the same way by using bamboo skewers. My clever Mum made these ones for me and this is what she did:

1. Color 4 bowls of water, each with different colored food dyes – Mum used Edicol powder to get a strong color.
2. Add the right number of toothpicks into each bowl.
3. Take the toothpicks out after a couple of minutes or until color is right. You can take them out by using a pair of metal tongs.
4. Leave them to dry on some newspaper or paper towel.

I searched all over the net and there doesn’t seem to be any hard and fast rule for which colors to use or how many of each color or even the score each stick is worth, so I just made up my own values and colors. Feel free to print these rules up and use for yourself.*


1 Blue Mikado stick – 10 points

8 yellow sticks – 5 points

8 green sticks – 3 points

8 pink sticks – 1 point

Any number of people may play. Everyone sits in a circle.

One person holds the sticks upright touching the ground, then opens their hand to let the sticks fall. The sticks should all lay on top/under each other in a disarrayed fashion (the messier the better). Each person takes a turn at removing one stick from the pile, while trying not to move any of the other sticks.

If the player moves any other stick apart from the one they are trying to remove, it is the next person’s turn. But if he/she moves the stick without moving any others, they have another turn and keep going until they move a stick and then it is the next person’s turn.

When the Mikado stick has been lifted, it may be used for the removal of further sticks.

When all the sticks are gone, everyone counts the value of their sticks. The person with the highest score wins!

Up to your own discretion obviously, but I’d be remiss if I didn’t add that it’s probably a game for those 5yrs and up. Wouldn’t want anyone poking their eyes out!

* If anyone is tech savvy and could teach me how to attach this as a downloadable pdf document, I’d be ecstatic if you could explain it to me!


At my house we tried this fun and easy science experiment.
As far as I know it only works on these particular flowers – snowdrops we always called them.
They are popping up all over the place at the moment. A sign that spring is almost here.

You just pop them into some water with some food coloring in it and overnight the color creeps up the stem and colors the petals.

Play along with Lou’s At My House this week.

Addition – This evening the petals are even more brilliantly colored and these photos (taken this morning) do not do them justice.

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