A Fabulous Scooter Party

We went to a delightful birthday party today for our 4 year old friend, Eliza.  Look at me actually posting pics on my blog on the day I took them instead of 3 months later like the last party I posted!!  ‘Twas a perfect day in the park for a scooter themed party!  I totally forgot my camera, but snapped these ones on my iphone.  Our kids had an absolute ball!

I love the idea of an outdoor party where kids can just run/scoot/skate/ride around to their heart’s content.  Kids LOVE that kind of thing!  If you like that idea too, you might like to check out the ‘Scooter Party’ board on pinterest put together by the birthday girl’s Mum or the photos I posted from my nephew’s ‘Skateboard Party’ last year.  

Have you ever been to a Scooter or Skater party?  I’d love to hear all about it!

To see the Frog Goose & Bear party page head over here!

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