Before Summer is completely over, I thought I’d share this deliciously easy dessert with you…

Simply cut your peaches in half, taking out the stones.  
Place the peaches on to a baking tray and cover liberally in brown sugar.

Then pop them in a 220 C (428 F) oven for about 20 mins 
or until the sugar is melted and the peaches have softened.

Enjoy with icecream or cream!

Do you love summer fruits?  

Do you have any great summer fruit recipes?

For some more easy peasy desserts head over to the FGB easy recipes page.


I made a fun discovery at our fruit shop this week when I came upon a yellow watermelon.
Have you tried them?

They taste the same as the pink ones with the same texture and cost the same also. Although the pink ones are slightly sweeter.

I had to get a little creative… I couldn’t help myself… the possibilities are endless.


- Dappled sunlight and home made healthy icypoles. Put in any combination of pureed fruit or yoghurt and you can give them to your children any time of day and give them seconds and even thirds with no guilt at all.*

- The sweet and strong waft of mint as I brush past the overgrown & ever expanding plants on the way to the clothesline every day. Every….single….day…multiple…times do I tread that well worn path to the clothesline.

- Mr FBG being home for two whole actual weekends in a row and today makes the third ….. heaven…. and something we haven’t had for longer than I can remember. Not sure if he feels quite the same, as he spent the whole day last Saturday pruning the trees around our yard that were suffering from years of neglect … I’m grateful that things are finally starting to get ‘done’ around here!
What are you grateful for?

* a few people have asked me about these recently – you just buy the moulds at your local supermarket. You can get fancy and do rainbow stripes with multiple fruits or lazy and pour in ready made fruit juice. The BEST is pureed mango..mmmmm.


Although I’m not necessarily into the whole Valentine’s Day hype – sometimes we celebrate it & sometimes we don’t – I do like the little reminder it gives to tell someone you care.

I couldn’t let this occasion slip by without passing on some cute and FREE printables that I found in blogland to add a little extra something to Valentine’s Day…. or any other day of the year that you feel like being a little corny… but corny with style ;)

Just click on the words below the images to find out more and to download. Both of the sites have other gorgeous free printables along the theme of ‘love’. Go searching here, here and here for a start. They are seriously stylish!

Alternatively this could be to your vintage taste…or maybe the fun e-card…or the funky fox & panda or this adorable little hearty collection.
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