Thanks to my amazing Mum and to my equally amazing husband, Mr FGB & I have just returned from a kid-free weekend!  Two whole days and two whole nights in Daylesford to celebrate our twelfth wedding anniversary.  To say that I am grateful may just be the understatement of the century!

What are you grateful for this weekend?


- for wonderful playgroup friends (they really are the best group of Mums!) who put together a fantastic birthday gift that was so ‘me’!  Homegrown roses & vege seedlings and a handmade felt pouch containing a collection of tried & true recipes from each of them.  

- for Mr FGB being home on a Saturday and making the best pancakes ever!* for breakfast.

- for regular craft nights with friends, sweet treats, a glass of wine and great conversation.

- for three gorgeous kids who don’t mind their Mum taking thousands of photos of them with her new camera!



and Bear.

- I was grateful this week that when our washing machine decided to die it was within one month of warranty and that they will replace it with an upgraded model.  Although not so grateful that it will take 2-3 weeks(!?!), I am grateful for kind friends who have offered to do a load for me in the meantime.  

- I was not so grateful to discover that someone** had put a disposable nappy in that very last load which had released millions of jellylike crystals throughout the entire load!  With no machine, I decided to hang it out anyway and deal with it later.  To my surprise, I was extremely grateful at the end of the day to discover the sun had worked it’s magic and completely evaporated the jelly – what an absolute gift!

Hope you are enjoying your weekend!

Joining in once again with Maxabella’s gratefuls.

* let me know if you’d like the recipe.
** last time I’ll be using child labour in that department!  I should add that the nappy was unused.


This Saturday I’m grateful for…

- Birthdays.  I love feeling special for a day and being allowed to make it all about you!  Can’t believe it’s been a year already!

- New cameras!  Best birthday present ever from Mr FGB & the kids!  Although maybe the squashed toilet roll covered in sequins made especially for me by 2 year old Frog, all on her own, might just rival the camera in the present stakes…

- Rare photos of me with all 3 children (even if one was covered in hours old face paint).  We must remember to take more of those – so important!

- Mothers.  Mine has just returned from 3 months in Rwanda.  You can read about her travels here.  So grateful to have her back.  We missed her very much.

- Weekends away.  Staying at Mum’s this weekend in her gorgeous old home in Heathcote that still hasn’t sold.  If you are interested in a tree change check out this post.

- Festivals, sunshine & family.  Heathcote Food & Wine Festival today with sister Lou & her kids was lots of fun!

Being grateful today & joining in with Maxabella.


There are many moments as a parent where you just need to take big breaths in and out and count to ten. Kids having tantrums, kids squabbling over toys, kids refusing to put their clothes on, kids refusing to take their clothes off, kids refusing to walk any further, kids refusing to drink from any cup that is not pink, kids emptying the contents of their bowl over the table, the floor & themselves, kids vomiting from the top bunk at midnight all over the floor and over their sleeping brother on the bottom bunk just a few hours before their father heads off to Sydney for the weekend and leaving you at home with the (now potentially infected with gastro) kids. Kids who wet the bed an hour after their elder sibling has vomited numerous times on the closed toilet lid, waking up (did I actually sleep?) to a rainy day (no chance of washing those sheets and towels) and to liquid all over the kitchen floor coming out from under the kitchen sink just weeks after we had the leaking dishwasher repaired. Yes, that did all happen last weekend and more!

Yet, I am grateful. I have to be grateful. I have to find the things that I am grateful for (or maybe I’d sink – it’s a coping mechanism). I much prefer to live life with a glass half full/Pollyanna kind of outlook.

I am grateful that whatever caused the vomiting did not spread to the rest of the household. I am grateful that the liquid coming from under the sink, was not in fact a leaking pipe, but a newish bottle of windex with a loose lid that had tipped over. I am grateful that I am an ‘old hat’ at looking after the kids for the weekend sans husband. I am grateful that this weekend, even though Mr FGB is working, it is a sunny day and I can catch up on that washing and we are off to a birthday party in the park.

I have many moments as a parent that I just need to take a big breath and push through the exhaustion and frustration and find that inner strength that I didn’t know that I possessed before I had children, but am grateful that this year these moments don’t feel like they are back to back with no reprieve, like they felt last year. This year, there are many more moments where I can breathe easily, get back on track and see the bigger picture, instead of feeling overwhelmed by the small minute by minute.

I’m OK this year, but I went through a long time last year when I wasn’t OK. It all got too much and I was able to talk about it with those who cared and get some more support and although I still have my ups and downs – I’m doing more than OK. Incidentally, I was very impressed this week to hear about “RUOK?” day. You can read more about it here and here. The idea is to make sure that you ask the question and make sure your friends are actually doing OK. A lot of us are pretty good at hiding it.

You can also read about what others are grateful for with the lovely Mira Narnie (we love you Brenda!), who is hosting this week while the gorgeous Maxabella has a little blog hiatus (we miss you Bron!)

P.S. I’m also grateful for this cute wooden game of croquet that we found on someone’s nature strip while on a walk one afternoon – love those kind of finds!


…for the first signs that spring is finally on its way.

It’s amazing what a beautiful sunny day and some time to breathe and catch up can do to the soul.
I’m also grateful to be back after a longer than usual bloggy break.  Life got just a tad too busy there for a while.

For other grateful folks, head on over to Maxabella land.


…for a day of catchup and recuperation at home while Mr FGB and his Mum take the kids to the snow for the day.  Before Mr FGB’s change in work situation earlier this year, a few hours on my own, let alone a whole day, was unheard of!  I am not taking this day for granted.  This change has meant a dramatic drop in work hours for a few years, and while this may be difficult financially, the benefits are enormous.  

I am grateful that last weekend, while spending a few days at our favourite beachside destination, I got to spend some one-on-one time with each of my kids.  

“Running for our lives” on the beach, collecting ‘pink’ seaweed, chasing seagulls, getting wet & sandy and building sandcastles with two year old Frog.

Walking on the golf course collecting piles of pinecones for the fire and future projects,  spotting some confused blossom in the middle of winter and running from the rain with an almost 4 year old Bear.

Flying kites, collecting driftwood and trying to spot a Hooded Plover, while disagreeing over it’s correct pronunciation, with 7 year old Goose. 

Then time as a family playing Yahtzee and Twister, eating popcorn and MasterChef style dishes.
In our ridiculously busy lives, these times away are all the more savoured.

It’s the small things.

This Saturday, as always, I am truly grateful for my lot.

For more gratefuls, head over here.

P.S. I’d be remiss not to say how grateful we are for our wonderful friends who let us use their holiday use so regularly.  Or for how grateful I am for my sister Lou who did some last minute babysitting for us last night way past her bedtime.  Above and beyond the call of duty – thank you.

P.P.S.  I am also rewinding this post today over with Multiple Mum at Weekend Rewind


This Saturday I’m grateful for a little bit of family time. Time over a weekend to just stay at home and potter is so ridiculously rare at this house. There always seems to be something going on and somewhere we need to be.

I love to savour and breathe in the little ‘everyday’ moments, particularly in the backyard – spending time outside is just good for the soul.

Although these photos were obviously not taken in the past week where there has been more rain than sunshine, as sad as it may sound, hanging clothes on the line is one of my favourite household chores. I find the time to slow down and reflect, with the kids playing around me and letting the chooks out for a run rather therapeutic. Hanging clothes over clothes horses over vents throughout the house, does not have quite the same appeal or aesthetic…

I’m also grateful for these two gorgeous little kids who I get to hang out with during the week, while their big sister is at school and their Dad is at work. They really are so different to each other in so many ways, but they are the best of mates to each other at only 15 months apart (yes, we are insane) and they really are very good at amusing themselves without my help. Something I am truly grateful for.

Remembering that he likes things to match, he quickly amended his ‘peg fingers’ to more suit his slightly OCD tendencies. This quietly observant and kind hearted child finds himself in the middle of two loud & bold as brass sisters.

Grotty, full of cheekiness & spunk, dressed in her favourite pink “ballet dress” (thanks Kate!), constantly talking & always in an animated fashion – these images typify so much of what I’ll remember of this little one at this age (which is of course the number she is holding).

What are you grateful for?

Head on over to Maxabella land to see what others are grateful for this week.


I’m grateful for all the help I can get! I’ll be putting her to work on the clothes pile next…*

* Disclaimer – Vacuuming is something my children love to do… as you can see here (do go & check it out for a laugh!) not a lot of vacuuming actually gets done!! Not a lot of clothes folding gets done either..although to their credit they’re getting better at putting them away once folded.


- for the fun times had last weekend at ‘cousin camp’. Country mountain air is just so good for the soul. I’ll never be able to shake my country roots. 5 acres, beautiful views, great company… not to mention a huge bonfire, billy carts, a tree swing, deliciously hearty food prepared by others and best of all – plenty of willing & capable babysitters!

- that one of those cousins took some gorgeous photos of my kids with their fancy camera!

- for my Mum & 2 sisters & my gorgeous husband who give up their time & are so invaluable to me in keeping afloat in the overwhelming chaos that I seem to find myself in quite a bit these days. You’ve been particularly helpful in the past week. Thanks!

- that today I have a small chance to breathe & catch up.

- that once again Goose was very understanding when the tooth fairy was her usual ditzy self! She has been a day late a number of times before, but this time she actually got it right, left some coins, left a note in reply to hers, ate the chocolates and sprinkles left behind, but ….. somehow forgot to collect the actual tooth….

- that none of you are going to mind that this blog post is a couple of days late… it’s been a busy week/weekend (as per usual!!) and blogger was down for a couple of days…

I find it healthy to try and find things to be grateful for, a “glass half full”/polyanna look at life. For other ‘grateful’ posts that I’ve written, you can head over here.

…for others ‘grateful’ lists, you can head over here. While there you might like to read her advice on juggling too many motherhood balls, I think I need to read it very carefully...

What are you grateful for?


…for ‘big girls’ who decide all on their very own that they will absolutely NOT be wearing nappies any more!

Even though her mother was not at all sure that she was ready – neither the child or the mother who was feeling quite frankly that she just didn’t need this right now! But the child was adamant and to her parents utter surprise, it’s worked! A few accidents, but that’s OK.

I feel like giving her a great big kiss each time she goes just in sheer gratitude and relief of making this so easy!
After so many many exasperating months with the others in this area, I was determined to wait until she was ready in her own time. I just didn’t expect it so soon and just like that, we are out of nappies! Thank you little one – I’m so very grateful as your Mum really needed that right now.

What are you grateful for today?

* Apart from a few days setback when camping when she refused to go behind a tree or in a hole, precious child that she is! We had to bring out the “pink princess pull-ups” & bribe with a few choccie eggs to avoid any more accidents that are just not fun while in the middle of nowhere!

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