A new series: Real Parties from everyday Mums

It may not come as a surprise to you that I love parties.

There are so many perfectly styled and super expensive parties out there in blog land and they do look fantastic, but sometimes they can feel very intimidating and ‘out-of-one’s league’.  Some of them are not even real parties, but staged photo shoots.  My personal passion is to encourage and inspire fellow parents and share how an awesome ‘at-home’ party is totally manageable.  Obviously we don’t all have the time, interest or space to have our own DIY parties at home (and that’s totally fine!) To be honest, we all know that all our kids need is to feel loved and special on their birthday and they certainly don’t need a party every year, but for those who are keen, and maybe feeling a little overwhelmed, read on…

I’m starting a new party series here on the blog, where I’ll be interviewing some fellow everyday party loving Mums who have hosted some awesome parties!  They’ll be sharing their tips and tricks to help take the scariness out of hosting your own party and perhaps be a bit of a resource as well. I’ll be sharing these interviews with you every fortnight on a Friday morning here on the blog. I hope you enjoy the series! There are some fantastic interviewees lined up – you’re going to love it!

A party in it’s entirety can look very overwhelming but, if you look closely, often each individual thing is actually quite manageable and with a few tips and tricks up your sleeve, you’ll be hosting awesome parties in no time!

I’ve been involved in quite a few parties recently that I haven’t had a chance to share with you here on the blog so, over the next little while, I’ll be sharing them with you over the coming weeks as well.

I’m getting closer and closer to my dream of being a party planner and as a way of dipping my toes in, I have started helping friends out with their parties on a more professional basis. I can’t tell you how exciting this has been for me.  I still feel like I’m learning and growing in this area, but I do know that it’s nice to follow one’s passion and to be doing something that you love.

Kidspot recently asked me to write a post on DIY parties and the brief was to share 21 shortcuts, tips and ideas to save busy Mums time, money and stress, so while you are waiting for the first interview next week, you can read all of my tips and tricks over here on Kidspot.

If you’ve got photos of a party that you’ve hosted or you’ve got some tips you’d like to share and would like to be interviewed, do feel free to send me an email.  I’d love to hear from you!

Also, for a bit of fun, for those who are on instagram, I thought it might be fun to create a hashtag to collate all of the photos of our real and awesome diy parties, putting them all in the one spot so that we can inspire each other. I’ll check them out each week and post my faves on my own instagram feed (and possibly on the blog). I was thinking #diypartyfun as it hasn’t been taken yet. What do you think?  I’ve tagged a few of my pics on instragram to get the ball rolling.

Do you have a party coming up in your house?  What are your plans so far?

The photos in this post are from Frog’s ‘Fancy Nancy’ themed birthday party.


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