Couldn’t resist sharing some photos from playgroup yesterday.   
All of this term we have been creating a rainbow. 
 Each week the kids* dressed in a different color of the rainbow and each week they brought along bits & pieces from home (eg. paper, feathers, fabric, buttons, etc) of the same color to stick on our large rainbow on the wall.  We completed a band each week.
Last week we celebrated the end of the rainbow with a ‘rainbow party’. 
 Of course I only had my phone on me and you’ll have to excuse the shots taken via hipstamatic.
 Thanks Susannah - that cake was the ‘piece de resistance’! 

* adults too if truth be known.


for my gorgeous family and friends who made my birthday this week extra special and relaxing.

I find at this stage in my life with all the crazy busyness in our lives that I appreciate more than ever those simple things in life that I once took for granted.

Never again will I not appreciate with all of my being such things as sleep, time to read or just sit and chat, a meal (or a special cake) cooked by another, a handmade or well-thought out gift from someone who loves and knows me well.

Scaling back to the basics you can often find the most important things of all.

When I find myself focusing a little too much on the negatives and feel all too often that I’m drowning in the mundanity and frustrations of motherhood, I look at this blog and I see that there are so very many positives in my life and those positives made up of very ‘everyday’ things are actually the things that I savour more than anything.
Those other things that I wistfully dream of, are but a ‘flash in the pan’ and fools gold.

For more gratefulness head over to Maxabella land.

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