Some Time Out…

We have just come back from a glorious 9 days in Broome, WA.  Along with my sister Lou and her family, my Dad, his partner and my little bro, we enjoyed a real holiday.  One where you actually relax and feel like you’ve had a break.  Cannot remember the last time we had one of those.  I had a thousand things to write, but once again I’m just too tired and staying up way too late and really must head to bed if I have any hope of adjusting back to Melbourne time.  Here are some family snaps…

How did you enjoy your school holidays?

Have you ever been lucky enough to spend some time in Broome?


In the words of my gorgeous eldest daughter…
“Merry Christmas Everyone!  And a Happy New Year!”

I thought I’d leave you on this lovely Christmas morning with some images of some Christmas creativity…

This gorgeous gingerbread house was constructed by my children and their Granny while Mr FGB and I had our weekend away
Mum has been making a gingerbread houses every year since I was a child.  It was always one of my favourite traditions.
As there were 3 of us we would each get either the roof, the front/back or the sides of the house to decorate.  Granny did the same with my three.  
Can you tell who did which parts?

I’ll be taking a little bloggy break for a couple of weeks as we go camping along the SA coast.  I’ll be back sometime in January with some posts about Goose’s 8th birthday party which is coming around in a few short weeks!  

See you next year, my friends!


1. Don’t stay up until well after midnight on the eve of departure because you can’t really sleep for long with three young children in the car.

2. Check out this site for some great activities and ideas to keep young kids amused during long car trips (thanks for the tip Lou) & this if you need some extra ammo in your arsinal. It actually helped make it a surprisingly pleasant trip – despite my quite serious fears otherwise.

3. On your way home, after an exhausting week at the beach in the rain with 14 people in the one house and little sleep, do not under any circumstances drive your car out onto the edge of a salt lake, even if that salt lake is pink. Your trip home may take longer than the short 9 hours originally anticipated. After more than a few hours I found my self wishing for whinging kids in the back seat of a moving car.

4. Dream about having another holiday, you know the one that you need to get over the one that you just had…


I’ve been having fun with the Hipstamatic iphone app*
… and enjoying the sunshine, daisies, picnics (and endless squabbles) with the family on a well-earned break.

As mentioned previously, the word ‘holiday’ is not necessarily a word that should be used when going away with three young children, but it is a welcome change nonetheless.

* you can play around with the lens, the film and the flash and get some cool vintage images or a ‘pop’ of color! Fun!

P.S. Technically these photos were not taken ‘at my house’ but I’m sure it’s still allowed. To play along visit Lou’s house.

P.P.S. There may just not be an Easy Peasy Dinner Winner here tomorrow as the easiest dinners of all will be happening here – meals cooked by someone else!!


Hopefully this will become a new Saturday ritual.

This week I am grateful…

- that a real fairy really did visit a certain fairy garden. She had a little dance in the garden, took a tooth from under a pillow, replaced it with some coins.

- for a very understanding, albeit confused, Goose who, discovered that same tooth in another part of the house the following day. One dotty and mixed up tooth fairy that one….. The understanding Goose merely popped it under her pillow again where she knew the tooth fairy would be returning anyway. Apparently, last time the tooth fairy had written a reply to her note, so she was sure the tooth fairy would be returning the next night to deliver the forgotten letter.

Dear Tooth Fairy,
Do you want this pad?
You’re welcome to have it.
You’re the Best!
Love from Goose.
P.S. I Love You!!!

She now tells me she looks just like Nanny McPhee.

- that the father of the house is now officially on holidays for two whole weeks (!!!!!!) and we are off to the beach for one whole week, via Granny’s and the Heathcote Food & Wine Festival. Not sure if I have ever been more grateful for a break in my life…..I think I may have said that last time….

To find some other grateful people, visit Maxabella.


I have returned today from a lovely 5 days down by the sea. Freeeeeezing and wet and the kids went crazy indoors, but we still managed a bit of time on the sand. Lots of well needed family time (I don’t think I’ve ever been so desperate for time away in my life) as well as some lovely catch ups with some well loved friends.

Holidays change quite a bit when you have kids. They don’t quite hold the same romance. Kids are still as demanding as always and I still did 2 loads of washing while I was there, but I shouldn’t really complain, as it is all relative. Not healthy to compare to pre-kid holidays, it’s better comparing to everyday life as it is now and in comparison, it was a lovely and refreshing break! There is another person there to share the load (he did ALL the cooking) and the odd sleep-in and I even managed to read more of the book that I have been reading for agesThe Divided Heart: Art & Motherhood. I am finding it so profound and empowering yet full of reality and honesty and I come away feeling understood and connected.

Obviously while I was away my blog carried on without me unbeknownst to me! Thanks Lou for the welcome sabotage ;-) In return, here are some photos of Lou’s little boy almost being eaten by a Hippo and a cheater that I took on my camera at the Werribee Zoo…

Now I’m off to see what you have all been up to while I’ve been away…

P.S. Thank you so much to the housecleaning fairy that visited my house while we were away. I am eternally grateful and humbled and blown away by your generosity of time and elbow grease.
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