I’m grateful for all the help I can get! I’ll be putting her to work on the clothes pile next…*

* Disclaimer – Vacuuming is something my children love to do… as you can see here (do go & check it out for a laugh!) not a lot of vacuuming actually gets done!! Not a lot of clothes folding gets done either..although to their credit they’re getting better at putting them away once folded.


I think often pictures speak louder than words.

These photos were quickly snapped on my phone this afternoon.

Not a lot of blogging going on here at the moment…

Afternoon Addition – this feels so therapuetic to post these pictures – I dare you to do the same and post your house, just the way it is looking right now! Let me know if you’ve been brave enough to do it in the comments below…and feel free to link back here so that others know you’re not the only one!!

29.07.11 I have just linked this post with Magdalena from the Craft Revival.  


We have a little visitor for the week.

He is on loan while his family is away.

When any food gets dropped on the floor
(quite a lot under our kitchen table!)
it just disappears!

One child,
who will not be named,
emptied & scattered the entire remains of the makings of lunch onto the kitchen floor yesterday
and a few minutes later –
voila… it was all gone!

I think I would like him to come more often!
Perhaps once a week??!!

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