Icecream in a Bag & Pasta Jewellery!

Pretty chuffed to see my tutorial for making ice-cream in a bag featured on the home page  over at Kidspot today!  Head on over here for the deets on making your own.

You’ll also find there another FGB tutorial, featuring the fabulous Frog, on how to make your own coloured pasta jewellery!

Or for more ways to amuse the kids this weekend, you might like to hang out at the FGB kids craft page. 

A SUMMER ICECREAM PARTY {the activities}

Goose turned 8 years old at the end of January.  Eight!!!  I actually contemplated not having a party after the mass of activity over Christmas & New Year….. but how could I not?!?!?!!

You’ve seen the food from the party and now we have the activities…

Santa’s gift of fun & bright nail polish in Goose’s stocking was the colour inspiration for this party – for some reason they just spoke ‘ice-cream’ to me.  So, of course we had to incorporate them into the party activities…

As guests arrived they could have their nails painted…

…apply an icecream tattoo*

…colour in some icecream colouring pages 
(these gorgeous free printable colouring pages can be found here)

…make their own paper icecream van
(these fun icecream van printables can be found here)

…play a quick game of icypole ‘memory’ (no photo) (made using this free printable)

…or pin the cherry on top of the icecream sundae!
Then we played…

The Flour Game:

1. Fill a large bowl with flour (any kind will do).
2. Tip it upside down onto a plate and pop a lolly (sweet) on the top.
(I thought a jaffa looked a bit like a cherry on the top of an icecream sundae)
3. Get the kids to sit in a circle and take it in turns to carefully take a spoonful of flour and return it to the bowl one at a time. 

4. If your spoonful causes the lolly to fall, then you get to eat the lolly… without using your hands!!!

5. Pop all the flour back in the bowl and repeat as many times as you like, so make sure you have a whole packet of lollies.

6. You will find that some try really hard not to make it fall, but others (see below) like to deliberately make it fall whenever it is their turn!  The child loves to get messy!
Then we went outside to wash it all off with some water pinatas!

I had plans to make this icecream pinata, but after two failed attempts, we decided that a water pinata would be much easier and possibly even more fun on a hot day!**

Made by hanging garbage bags on each corner of the hills hoist clothes line and filling them with water via the hose.

Then we played a relay game with water bombs…

…followed by a good old fashioned backyard slippery slide!

Black plastic, a hose & some dishwashing detergent.

This is an activity we did all the time as kids and with the drought in recent years here in Australia it has been very hard to do the same with our children.  The restrictions here in Melbourne have been reduced and you can now water your lawn with a handheld hose with a trigger nozzle attachment at any time of day… so if the kids happen to be running in front of that hose at the same time I am watering the lawn…

They had soooo much fun and in hindsight I really should have just had this activity only and skipped the rest!

Click here for more icecream party pics!

If you’d like to see some of our previous parties here at FGB headquarters, head on over to our DIY kids party ideas page!

* I am so excited about these tattoos – I made them myself – I really & truly did!  I’ll be doing a separate ‘how-to’ post very soon – stay tuned!  Addition Oct 2012 (finally) – more info on making your own tatts here.

** Did I mention it was approx. 37 degrees!  Thanks to Family Fun for the idea!
*** leftover from the space party – I love reusing & recycling for parties!  You can purchase some from your local hardware store.


Every year on Goose’s birthday the temperature is always around 35-39 degrees celcius*… which is pretty hot!  So this year, instead of fighting it, we thought we’d just embrace it with lots of icecream and lots of water based fun!

As per usual I’ll share this party with you in a few posts.  

Food first.

The food for this party was very simple & basic.  The party was held in the afternoon at 2pm, so no main meal was required and the weather was so hot that I didn’t need to bother with hot food.  We had the usual party type fare of popcorn, chips, watermelon, strawberries, dip & biscuits/carrot/celery and on top of that we added a few fun ice-cream themed treats… 

Chocolate Icecream cupcakes.  
Chocolate muffins cooked right in the cones.

Icecream shaped fairy bread.  
Fairly obvious, but the ‘cone’ was made from rye bread and chocolate sprinkles and the ‘icecream’ with white bread, a scone cutter and rainbow sprinkles.

To Drink:
Water bottles – covered in printable icecream paper from here.
Spiders (AKA icecream soda)- umbrellas & straws always add a bit of fun.

We also had delicious and totally healthy pure fruit icecreams made from frozen fruit (mango, banana, rasberries, pineapple & strawberries) in Granny’s juicer.

After lots of water games it was time for some icecream!  I had shown Goose a few cake ideas that I’d found via pinterest and this gorgeous icecream cake over at One Charming Party blog was her favourite.

To make the cake, I softened a 4 litre tub of vanilla icecream and squished it into a large springform pan that was lined with a plastic bag and popped it back in the freezer.  Then I removed the icecream from the pan mould,  popped it onto a round cake board and smoothed the edges.  For the top I used, another dollop of icecream, lots of ice magica waffle cone and some sprinkles on the top. 

Tip #1 – don’t take too long on this part (like I did) as it melts very quickly on a hot day & icecream starts poking through the layers of hard choc and you have to re-choc! 
Tip #2 – don’t cover the entire top of the cake with ice magic as candles stick more easily into icecream!

The fantastic editable & free icecream parlour printables that I used can be found here.

The icecream cake was served in icecream cups with wooden spoons or waffle cones dipped in chocolate, sprinkles & nuts.

and a multitude of toppings…

For more icecream party pics & details stay tuned!

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* that’s around 100 degrees faranheit folks.

SIMPLE HANDMADE GIFTS FOR GIRLS…part fifteen {guest post}

There are so many fabulous and simple handmade gifts for girls out there that I thought I’d ask a few of my clever & creative blogging friends to share with you some of their ideas…
Amy from Giggleberry has a very successful business making gorgeous, gorgeous bunting and is a party Mumma after my own heart! Just like me, she just can’t help herself when it comes to adding those extra touches to making any occasion that little bit more special!  Her blog is full of bunting and fun ideas and I’d highly recommend a visit!  I saw this brilliant idea a little while ago on her blog and she has kindly agreed to share it with you all here on FGB.

DIY Icecream Sundae Kit

Need a cute hostess gift? How about a gift for a teenager (seriously how tricky can those ones be!) or maybe a house warming present or even a ‘just because’ gift?

This idea has all of those covered – An Ice Cream Sundae Kit!!

I saw THIS one from Family Bites on Pinterest and knew I would be using it!  With a selection of sprinkles, some chocolate sauce (homemade or store bought), cones, tissue paper, small glass jar, ribbon and a gift box you’re ready to put your kit together… these are just the items I chose to put in the box but you could include any sundae toppings you wish!

I re-packaged the sprinkles into resealable cello bags and the chocolate sauce into the glass jar then added a scrap of fabric and a ribbon to the lid of the jar. To make these extra cute you can make up some labels for everything (my printer is not playing at the moment so I went without labels). 

Then all you have to do is arrange your selection of goodies into a tissue paper lined gift box.

This box of goodies is for a couple so I added a set of ‘My Ice Cream, Your Ice Cream‘ spoons I bought from Beach House Living to the box and was ready to pop the lid on then tie a final ribbon around the whole thing.

Include a little card to let the recipient know they just need to add their favourite ice cream and you’ve got yourself one truly cute little gift that I know I would love to receive!!

What a fun idea!  I imagine at this time of year, you could add a bit of Christmas fun to this package with green & red sprinkles, green & red M&M’s or edible glitter.  You could even add a touch of science by giving them the ingredients for them to make their very own icecream (some UHT cream, some sugar & ziplock bag along with the recipe) in the box also.  You could even add another step and dip the tops, or insides, of the cones in chocolate & sprinkles, like these ones.

Thanks so much Amy for letting me share this fun & simple, yet very clever idea!
I love the idea of repackaging something to make it look even more exciting and adding the personal touch.  Amy has another similar idea (great for teacher gifts) on her blog at the moment over here.

I also came across another repackaging idea here which even has a link (via the comments section) to the cool free labels that they used.

This is the last in the series of simple handmade gifts for girls.  Thanks so much to those of you who guest posted and contributed their own ideas along the way!  I have just added a page on the top of my blog, collating all of the wonderful ideas!  Hopefully you’ve all got some ideas for Christmas and beyond!  If you have made anything from these tutorials – please let me know, I’d love to hear from you!  


…for Grannys, for 100% healthy ice-cream and for creative expression!

We are at Granny’s again this weekend.
Weren’t you just at Granny’s last weekend you ask? Well, yes.
Last weekend we had a big family weekend here, this time it is just myself and the kids. We are here because the father of the house is working all weekend and I just wasn’t up for another single parent weekend. Not sure if I’d be coping without her at the moment.
Thanks Granny… again.

Granny makes the best ice-creams. She puts frozen fruit through her juicer and makes these colorful, healthy and pure fruit creations. They are always a hit! These ones contained nothing but mango, strawberry, pineapple and banana. Blueberries and raspberries taste delicious too.

Goose’s creative expression through the fashion of the skirt/skirt look makes me smile. When dressing this morning, she experimented with the look of a skirt as a top. She liked the look. We were only going to Granny’s after all. When packing her own bags for Granny’s house, she decided that she didn’t need to pack any tops at all. Apparently tomorrow, she’ll be wearing jeans on the bottom and, you guessed it, a skirt on the top.

What are you grateful for?
Check out what others are grateful for every Saturday over at Maxabella land.

P.S. If you are interested in making some of these, Granny uses this kind of single gear cold-pressed juicer to make her ice-cream.
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