As we count down these last days until Christmas and as Santa seems to permeate more and more of the media and hype of Christmas and the original Christmas Story seems to get lost in the fog, I have been pondering about the meaning behind all of this craziness and feeling like I would have liked to have included it a little more in all of the crafty things & other activities that we’ve been doing over the past weeks.

I guess we did go to a Carols night and every day in our advent calendar* we are reading a little more of the first Christmas Story.

The other day I came across this adorable little story told by kids of the very first Christmas on Simoney’s blog. I’m sure she wouldn’t mind me sharing it also. Watch it with your kids – it’s just adorable.

Do you have any traditions to help you remember the very first Christmas at your house? Seriously I’d like some ideas!

* Goose & I made this advent calendar a few years ago, back when I only had one child and seemed to have more time to put fun and creative (non-chocolate) things inside & time to actually follow through with the activities on a daily basis. Goose actually made most of the envelopes herself and she was only 3.5 yrs old at the time so it can’t be too hard and it has actually managed to stand the test of time so far. The idea (including a how-to) once again comes from my favorite – Kids Craft Weekly. She has some great and simple advent ideas, including some very creative ideas for what to put inside.

DIY BONBONS {AKA Christmas crackers}

Last night was the last of my weekly craft nights for the month of December. It has been such a good way to ensure that I fitted in the crafty things that I wanted to fit in this year. Chatting with friends doing their own crafty things with some sweet treats and a glass of wine is something I really enjoy.

Last night Goose joined us (school holidays & all) and we made bon-bons (or christmas crackers as they are known in other parts of the world). We have making our own bon-bons for Christmas dinner for as long as I can remember.

We save toilet rolls for the month prior and put different goodies inside every year. In previous years we’ve included bible verses, stickers, novelty gifts, activity sheet, scratchies, bubbles, stickers, the possibilities are endless…

You always need a ‘snap’ which they sell at Riot Art or Spotlight). This year we went for some christmas glitter sprinkly things (that I picked up at the Reject Shop for $2), a corny Christmas ‘Dad’ joke, a tissue paper crown, a gourmet chocolate and a little activity.

The little activity this year is a bundle of 10 toothpicks and 10 mini marshmallows (all those pink ones that we didn’t use here) to be used to construct a mini tower at the table. The tallest tower, that stays up, gets a prize.

The above photo was taken a few years ago when we did the same activity with my family. We are having Christmas lunch with my husband’s family this year.

This activity idea was completely stolen from the talented Amber Carvan from Kids Craft Weekly. She has many fun and creative Christmas cracker ideas, ideal for making with preschoolers (or older) children, in her printable PDF ‘Christmas Craft’. For only $6US I highly recommend purchasing, particularly as you receive it straight away!

Here is a tutorial that she wrote on how to make her ‘crazy hat crackers’ – I think we’ll try that next year.

If you use fake cherries to decorate your bon-bons, just remember to tell young children that they are not lollypops before they take a bite into them…

Do you make bonbons? What do you put inside?

MY CREATIVE SPACE {with wings}

My creative space this week is once again child focused.
Although I did manage to attend 3 craft nights over the last fortnight. I think I am becoming a bit of a craft night junky – reclaiming my perceived loss of creative expression.

We made these cute little fairy wings at playgroup last week and the younger two have been wearing theirs constantly.

When Goose got home from school, she did not want to miss out and had to have her own set of fairy wings. Of course, hers had to be 6 year old size and half way through I was regretting my flippant “Sure, I’ll make yours bigger”, but about an hour of decorating later and she was very proud of her efforts.

Maybe not my choice of decorations, but I am a believer in just letting creative juices flow…..

If you’d like to give these Fairy wings a go, then head on over to Kids Craft Weekly for all of the instructions. Really quite easy.

To see some classier creative spaces and for lots of inspiration of the creative kind why not visit Kirsty at Kootoyoo.


Thought I would let you know about a fantastic website for kids craft ideas….

Kids Craft Weekly has long been a ‘go-to’ for me whenever I need some inspiration for doing something crafty with the kids. Kids Craft Weekly sends a regular newsletter (not weekly……) with craft ideas following a particular theme and is especially good for younger kids.

They also organise a great christmas card swap at the end of the year and your child can receive handmade cards from all over the world.

To be completely honest, I did a lot more of these things with my oldest child (when I only had one child) as we were moving around every 6 months with my husbands work and didn’t bring many toys with us, I was constantly looking for ways to entertain my then 2-4 year old. Every now and then I feel guilty and will do something crafty with my younger 2, but it seems so much more of an effort with a 1 and 2 year old…..who are both into throwing things everywhere and creating mess wherever they go! I must admit I have left that for playgroup and some of the other weekly activities that we do out and about, because quite frankly I can’t even keep up with the usual housework without adding handfuls of pasta on the floor, glue on the table and paint in the hair.

These are some recent snapshots of when we have just gone ahead done it anyway……. because doing crafty stuff was probably one of my favourite things as a child and I do want my kids to experience that too. I do want to be one of those Mum’s who doesn’t mind a bit of mess in the name of kids having fun…… I do……. This blogging thing is actually inspiring me to do so much more of it. Thank you to all of you who blog about the great crafty stuff you do with your kids.

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