I have a confession to make….
I currently have 23 odd socks.

Is that excessive? I think so.
Once I got up to 44 and for the last few years, have not been able to get below 13. I honestly don’t know what happens – maybe the washing machine eats them or maybe there really is a sock heaven. I still like to hang on to them, just in case their mate shows up one day. I didn’t really have a system for hanging on to them and this only compounded the problem!

On a recent stay at our house, my mother decided to do something about it! She searched under beds on a big hunt and was very proud to find 3 missing mates, but more needed to be done. So, she made me an “odd socks bag”, which now hangs with pride on my ironing board. Domestic Bliss here we come.

But 23 are just tooooo many – it’s time for a reality check – some socks are never going to be reunited with their life partner. There are newborn baby socks in there – I need to let go! Maybe it’s time for these socks to find a new life repurposed as something else. You might see some transformed into hobby horses for a farm party (thanks Anna for suggestion) if I get the time and the kids certainly have had fun with a few sock puppets!

I interrupted writing this post to hang some washing on the line (such good winds out there today) and underneath the pegs I found a scrunched up white school sock hiding in my peg bag (the peg bag that my mother made for me & I LOVE) and I happily trotted off to my new ‘odd sock bag’ and found its’ mate. Joy.

Do you have a pile of odd socks? What do you do with them? If you don’t – please share your secret!

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