Some Lavender Craft for the Holidays

The last few days have been particularly hot in Melbourne which has meant that we have spent a lot more time inside than usual.  Finally having some time on her hands, Goose has been an insatiable craft fiend.  
She was given the book Little Things for Busy Hands by Katie Evans last year for her birthday and it has been getting a very good work out!  It’s a great little book designed especially for kids to use with minimal help from adults.  It is perfect for her age*.  In no time at all she had whipped up frog purses for each of her siblings, a monster puppet and, with a bit of help, a pink pony softie for her little sister.  She’s planning on making the fabric mat next.  Here are some photos of some lavender cocoons that she made from the same book a couple of months ago.  
All you need is a some lavender and some fabric strips or ribbon.  The long thin type of lavender would work much better and would end up with a lot neater finish, but this is just what we had in our garden.
Not necessarily the neatest, but great tucked away in the undies drawer or hung in your wardrobe.  I hung these ones up near the Christmas tree last month as I thought they were a little bit festive.
There are many many tutorials in blogland for the lavender cocoon (or lavender wand as they are sometimes known), all of which use ribbon and not fabric and are really, really neat and perfect.  I like the look of these ones though.  Something different.  Here is one of those tutorials with simple step by step instructions.

While we are on the topic, another lavender craft that makes a great little addition to the undies drawer or a gift for Grandma, is the lavender sachet.  

The lavender sachet is a basic rectangle shape, two pieces sewn together inside out but leaving a gap,  the right way around, then filled with dried lavender and hand sewn together.  Here is a tutorial if you’d like something more detailed!  Or here is a simple & cute hand-sew tutorial for younger kids to make.
Just like lemon trees, lavender seems to be a staple plant found in gardens all across Australia.  No doubt due to the fact that it is a hardy plant that requires little water.  Do you have a lavender plant at your house?  Do you love the smell or does it give you a headache?  Have you used lavender in your crafty projects?
Head over here for more FGB Kids Craft Ideas to occupy your kids during the holidays.

* Goose is nearly nine years old.

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