DIY Vintage Button Earrings

I was at my sister Lou’s house recently and, as she’s got a very new little bub, I was helping her make some vintage button earrings for the mother’s day stall at her son’s school.  So effective and so simple!  I went straight home afterward and delved deep in the vintage button stash that I inherited from my husband’s great aunt to find as many matching buttons as I could so I could make some for myself!
All the supplies, from the earring backs (you can even purchase the clip-on kind) to the special glue and even the vintage buttons, can be purchased online from Etsy or Craftumi (among other sites).  The store I have used before is here

 The strongest and best glue to use when making the earrings is E6000.  The glue does take a few days to fully set though, so although these are the ideal quick and easy DIY, you’d need to give yourself a few days before wearing or gifting them.

Do you love vintage buttons?  Which ones are your favourite in the pic above?

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A Tree Party

Yes, you read that correctly, a “Tree” party was the theme of choice for my 7 year old nephew a couple of weeks ago.  Just a small do with a couple of school mates and his extended family.  

Game #1: Pass the parcel.  
For details on how to play this version of pass the parcel see this post.
Game #2: The flour game.
For details on how to play the flour game see this post.

Game #3: Pin the bird in the nest.  

Tree painted and names written on the birds by the birthday boy.  Love kid involvement in birthday prep!  In fact the whole party was designed by him!  Love this kid.

Game #4: Worms tied to string on the clothes line.
The kids had to eat the lollie worms with their hands behind their backs.  
Game#5: Tree pinata.
 Containing glow in the dark bugs, bouncy balls and wrapped sweets.

Some pinata action shots!

As well as some sushi and hot dogs at the birthday boys request, for dessert we had Chocolate Birds Nests

Fruit Cups with Tree toothpicks

Choc Grissini Sticks (aka ‘tree branches’) 

and a wonderful tree birthday cake!  It was dark by the time the dessert came out so along with glow sticks and sparklers.

The party was a week earlier than his birthday as his Mum (my sister Lou who many of you know) was due to give birth within the following weeks.  Not sure exactly how she managed it, but a week after his party, at 11.15pm on the day of his actual birthday, he received the best present of all – a new baby sister.  Seven years apart, brother and sister share the same birthdate!  Which ironically enough is the same date as our Dad, their Grandpa, who is of course quite chuffed.

How close together are your children’s birthdays?!
How much scope do you give your children in party prep?  
Do you run with whatever theme your child suggests or steer them in a particular direction?  Or is the whole ‘theme thing’ just not for you?

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This recipe was given to me by my sister Lou.   Every time I make them I am always asked for the recipe.  Always.  The base is simply a butternut snap biscuit placed in the bottom of the patty pan.  Easy peasy.

Mini Baked Cheesecakes

1 packet of butternut snap biscuits
1/2 cup castor sugar
zest of 1 lemon
250g philidelphia cream cheese
2 eggs
topping – berries, crunchie/choc, etc.

Beat cream cheese, sugar, zest and eggs. Put one biscuit in bottom of patty cases as the cheesecake base. Spoon mixture into patty cases to half full. Put on topping. Cook for 25 minutes at 150 oC (302 oF). Cool then refrigerate. Delicious!

For more easy peasy recipes, head over to my easy recipes page.


Yesterday was a very windy day here in Melbourne. Perfect for kite flying!
Perfect for a kite themed birthday party for my gorgeously cheeky 3 year old nephew!

Delicious kite cupcakes made by none other than the highly talented Cathie!

The hit of the party – cones full of popcorn, or were they clouds?

The kite and cloud scrapbooking paper was a great find to easily bring the theme together. I’m a big fan of named drinks. Saves money and rubbish and kids like to take them home too. Also makes a healthy drink seem a little more fun. Lou had lots of healthy and fun party food available with falafel or beef burgers, egg & bacon pies, savoury rolls, sausage rolls, mini blueberry muffins, popcorn, fruit salad & yoghurt cups. Followed by a simple kite cake made, as per usual, by the birthday boy’s Dad!

The kids decorated their own kites with stickers, textas and ribbons as a party activity*, then at the end of the party those who were interested trekked down to the park and flew our kites! For handmade kites – they were fantastic! The wind just picked them up with ease and even Frog (below, aged 2) could do it all on her own.

We all had such a fun day – thanks Lou!

For more DIY party ideas, head over here.

* Lou got her kite making kits on the internet. Hopefully she’ll read this post and put in the comments where she got them from, but she did say the same ones were available all over the web.

Aaargh me hearties…. it’s a Pirate Party!

Earlier this month (where on earth has that time gone?!?!) I promised photos of the magnificant pirate themed party that we went to for my gorgeous nephew’s 5th birthday.

I was very impressed with the superbly stylish simplicity of it all!
There were a number of activities set up for the kids to complete during the course of the party.

First of all they were invited to decorate their own ‘treasure bag’ and then for completing each activity they earned a little gift to put in their treasure bag.

Knock ‘em down game – made by covering tin cans with colored paper and small home made rice bags which Lou made using the same fabric she used to make the bunting.

Digging for gold coins in the sand

Treasure Toss – tossing large silver coins (cardboard wrapped in foil) into an old suitcase.

Walk the Plank (plank of wood set up on bricks) to receive a pirate hat.

Pin the Eye Patch on the Pirate (made by our talented sister Clare!)

Amazing Cupcakes made by Lou’s beautiful & talented friend Cathie (I know, how lucky are we?!).

Cakes are the domain of my brother-in-law who always does an impecable job – he even joined the last craft night at Lou’s to finish sewing the sails.

Party bags contained pirate coloring pages, a treasure map, some chocolate coins, a fruit stick, a pirate magnet (made by Lou) & an eyepatch. Plus the kids got to take home the things they’d collected in their ‘treasure bags’ during the activities – bubbles, spinning top, pirate hat, box of sultanas & gold coins.

Many of you will remember my sister Lou – Well of course, being a blogger, she has been kind enough to give us a list of where we too can find many of the ‘pirate’ additions to this party so that we can have our own pirate party! Thanks Lou!

pirate hats – free printable
pirate flags (burger toppers) – free printables

For more DIY party ideas, you might like to head over here to see photos and details of Frog, Goose and Bear’s birthday parties!

Addition 08/12 – I borrowed lots of ideas from my nephew’s pirate party and created one for Bear’s 5th birthday.  You can see the pics here.


We have escaped our house and have joined Lou on an extended long weekend at Mum’s house with the whole family.

I can’t tell you how nice it is to escape reality for a few days and have the aunts, uncles, cousins and Granny there to help entertain the kids! Entertaining 5 kids indoors (mostly) for a few days is not always an easy feat, but with endless games of hide and seek, drawings of masterpieces (thanks Kate), stomping in muddy puddles, the balancing of cards and mini chairs, hilarious dress ups and trick or treating in every doorway of the house, they did a superb job – thank you!

It has been a welcome relief from the everyday which has been quite the balancing act and particularly exhausting of late. I haven’t always been managing to balance it all that well.

This weekend has been a welcome relief.
Thank you family.

What has been happening at your house?

P.S. Don’t forget my little giveaway. Details here.


We’ve been making more alfalfa sprouts at our house
and I’ve been doing a bit of ‘guest blogging’.

If you’d like to make some too, go and visit my lovely sister Lou at Buttons by Lou Lou for the instructions.

Thanks to all the great recipes that you’ve all been adding to Easy Peasy Dinner Winners – I’ll be sorted for meals for the week! The linky will be open for the whole week, as per usual, if any one else would like to join in.


At my house this weekend, we had the much anticipated

There are many more photos & details here.

But, to indulge myself just one more time…
here are some photos of the little Frog, Goose & Bear family enjoying the day…

And of course, none of this would have been possible without the inspiration and sheer hard work of Granny – thanks Mum!

This is the first year that we invited friends for a party for Bear. It was just family for the first two years and so this time, along with the family, we invited four of his little friends too. Of course those friends brought their families along too (they were only 3 years old after all) which just made it all the more fun! I once read somewhere that you should invite one friend per age the child is turning. What do you think of that?

At my house today we are obviously doing quite a bit of packing up!

Play along at Lou’s At My House this week!

P.S. Thanks Lou for being photographer on the day – really appreciate!


Buttons by Lou Lou is having a giveaway!

I know that I am biased, but her stuff really is absolutely gorgeous and I’ve seen her make thousands of buttons. I know what good quality they are! My daughters get her “rejects” (she only has sons – lucky me!) and believe me only she could see the imperfections! I certainly can’t. That’s how particular she is!
Every single one of our friends gets her products for birthdays! So easy to send in the mail and they are great for party favours also!

This Alice in Wonderland brooch just may be up for grabs. Head on over and find out.

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