Inspired by party preparation over here a while back, I thought I’d share a fun idea that was quite the craze at our house last year – magnetic dolls!

All you need to do is print some paper dolls onto magnetic paper*. Cut them out** and pop them in a tin for a gift or travel toy, or straight onto the fridge.
Paper dolls can be found in many places on the net.
Nicole has posted about some gorgeous free vintage printable paper dolls which would be ideal!

I went one step different from this and asked my talented sister (whose drawings are on my blog header and side bar) to draw me some gorgeous little black and white paper dolls. We printed them onto magnetic paper, cut them out and gave them as a gift along with coloured textas for the child to color in themselves.

If you type in ‘printable paper dolls’ into, you can purchase some for a minimal amount, even this one, designed especially for magnets and which also comes with a page that you can color in just like these!

* I purchased mine at Officeworks – Avery brand. It is very thin, so easily goes through your printer and cuts easily with regular scissors. Alternatively, magnetic sheeting is also available online in thicker sheets. You can print onto regular paper, stick onto magnetic sheet and cut out in the same way. Magnet is stronger, but it is also tougher to cut out. You’ll need a simple & basic image to do this.

** When cutting, you just ignore the little tabs on the paper dolls.


To continue with my little obsession with origami paper, we used the scraps from Goose’s party to make some fun little peg magnets to stick on the fridge. They were super easy thanks to Aimee’s great tutorial and Goose and I loved making them! We even skipped the last half of the tutorial and made them without the modpodge as I liked the matte look better. There are now far too many on our fridge holding various artworks, lists and photos.

This year, just because I didn’t have enough to do (ha!) I am co-ordinating the “craft” activities at my MOPS* group. This morning we all made peg magnets and then attached them to some of my favorite printable lists**. I am a huge fan of making lists – couldn’t survive without them – and if I am going to be surrounded by them, I might as well make them pleasing to the eye, I say!

If you have any ideas for quick and easy craft ideas, please pass them this way.
If you’d like to see how others are being creative head over to Kootoyoo.

*MOPS – Mothers Of Pre Schoolers – a lovely nurturing group who meet once a fortnight at our church giving time out and bit of rejuvenation to worn out Mums like me!

** The printable notepaper pictured was purchased here. There are cute free ones here. Others we had at MOPS were this and this. I’m a little addicted to printable notepaper…
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