Some EASY PEASY treats

We made this super quick and easy LCM bar equivalent slice last week from Katrina at The Organised Housewife and they disappeared VERY quickly.  With the ingredients of only rice bubbles, peanut butter, marshmallows & butter it is not healthy in the slightest, but sooooo good and so quick to make!  Winner!

Thanks to your fantastic suggestions here and on facebook, we used some of our mandarines in this delicious mandarine cake.  Another winner!  Anna always makes cooking with the kids fun due to her fantastic illustrations that make it sooooo easy!  Thanks Anna!  

Do you ever cook recipes that you find on blogs?

I’d love to know if you have ever tried any Frog, Goose & Bear recipes.  I am so glad that I have got so many of my regular easy recipes on this site now.  I don’t even use my recipe folder any more, I just go straight to my blog for the recipe.  Particularly handy when away from home, or if someone asks me for a recipe!  
Always a thrill as I’m actually not a great cook. I have many, many disasters as my poor family members will attest!  I’d rather be doing other things than cooking, so any recipe that is quick and easy and is also delicious is definitely a winner in my book!  I figure there are many people in the same boat which is why I share recipes on my blog which make me look good with little effort from myself and no need for great cooking skill!


What should I do with my hundreds & thousands of sweet & ripe mini mandarines that are growing on the two trees in our front yard?  

Do you have any recipes to share?  I can’t think of a single one, so we’ve been eating them by the bucket load and giving away bags full every day.  Hundreds remain.

Do you say mandarines (man-dah-reen) or mandarin (man-dah-rin)?  Is it an Aussie thing or a state thing?  Or am I in the minority having called them mandarines for my whole life?

After typing it in the latter way, it seems there are quite a few out there after all that might be worth a try!

*That last pic is of the most recent fairy garden 


Not much time to write a post today, but I always like to play along with Lou’s ‘At my house on a Monday, so I thought I’d leave you with some pictures of my house, well, my garden. My favourite part of this house would have to be the fruit trees! These are the ones that I see as I pull into the driveway each day. My citrus trees. Mandarines, oranges & lemons. There is also a small lime tree around the back. The oranges & (tiny) mandarines are just starting to be edible now, which is just perfect as our fruit bowl seems to empty itself far quicker than I can keep up with these days! Should probably juice some for the eldest who is home from school sick today.
Last Christmas (as they are still ripe then) I had visions of dried or candied oranges dipped in dark chocolate as gifts for people, maybe I’ll get around to it this year…. My husband did have a go at making marmalade last year…. didn’t quite work out as planned, but worth another crack at it this year I’d say …

Any orange recipes, or of course lemon recipes, would be very very welcome if you have any!

Come back tomorrow for my weekly easy peasy dinner winners & you might just see oranges feature in one of the meals.

To see what is going on at other houses, head on over to Lou’s house!

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