Thanks to my amazing Mum and to my equally amazing husband, Mr FGB & I have just returned from a kid-free weekend!  Two whole days and two whole nights in Daylesford to celebrate our twelfth wedding anniversary.  To say that I am grateful may just be the understatement of the century!

What are you grateful for this weekend?


This Saturday I’m grateful for…

- Birthdays.  I love feeling special for a day and being allowed to make it all about you!  Can’t believe it’s been a year already!

- New cameras!  Best birthday present ever from Mr FGB & the kids!  Although maybe the squashed toilet roll covered in sequins made especially for me by 2 year old Frog, all on her own, might just rival the camera in the present stakes…

- Rare photos of me with all 3 children (even if one was covered in hours old face paint).  We must remember to take more of those – so important!

- Mothers.  Mine has just returned from 3 months in Rwanda.  You can read about her travels here.  So grateful to have her back.  We missed her very much.

- Weekends away.  Staying at Mum’s this weekend in her gorgeous old home in Heathcote that still hasn’t sold.  If you are interested in a tree change check out this post.

- Festivals, sunshine & family.  Heathcote Food & Wine Festival today with sister Lou & her kids was lots of fun!

Being grateful today & joining in with Maxabella.


…for ‘big girls’ who decide all on their very own that they will absolutely NOT be wearing nappies any more!

Even though her mother was not at all sure that she was ready – neither the child or the mother who was feeling quite frankly that she just didn’t need this right now! But the child was adamant and to her parents utter surprise, it’s worked! A few accidents, but that’s OK.

I feel like giving her a great big kiss each time she goes just in sheer gratitude and relief of making this so easy!
After so many many exasperating months with the others in this area, I was determined to wait until she was ready in her own time. I just didn’t expect it so soon and just like that, we are out of nappies! Thank you little one – I’m so very grateful as your Mum really needed that right now.

What are you grateful for today?

* Apart from a few days setback when camping when she refused to go behind a tree or in a hole, precious child that she is! We had to bring out the “pink princess pull-ups” & bribe with a few choccie eggs to avoid any more accidents that are just not fun while in the middle of nowhere!


That Mr FGB made it home in time for work so that he could look after Goose who was not feeling well at all, so that the rest of us could go to the rainbow party for our 2 year old friend Eliza! Would have been a little bit stuck on my own…

Yes, I am more than OK with my little boy wearing pink (we raided Goose’s old clothes – he even has pink and rainbow undies on as well as the socks which are hard to see in the photo). When you have two sisters you just can’t get away from it. Note to self – don’t pose your kids for photos using props from the garden just prior to leaving for a party as the dirt does come off on clothes (although nothing a bit of spit and polish couldn’t fix!)

We’re all packed with our rainbow chairs in the boot and our rainbow playdough for one of the party activities.

Goose even made a rainbow garland and rainbow necklace for the birthday girl and decorated the paper with Frog’s help and how could we resist a little book on Noah’s Ark. It was the very first rainbow after all!

I’ll be back with more photos of the rainbow party later this week!

Speaking of parties, if you have posted about birthday parties on your blog – I’d love for you to link them up here and share them with us all!

If you are feeling grateful like me, then head on over here and share the love!


…for joy found in small moments.

…for weekends away as a family

where sand mermaids never go out of fashion,

and walks on bush tracks bring welcome sweet treats

and the classic game from my childhood – ‘Pooh Sticks’.

…for joy in the everyday things that make up my life.

I’ve written this quote before on this blog, but its still profound.

The ordinary arts we practice every day at home are of more importance to the soul than their simplicity might suggest.
Sir Thomas More (1478 – 1535)

What are you grateful for today?

* These events happened last weekend, but as I was busy having these moments, I did not have a chance to blog about them until this week.


- Dappled sunlight and home made healthy icypoles. Put in any combination of pureed fruit or yoghurt and you can give them to your children any time of day and give them seconds and even thirds with no guilt at all.*

- The sweet and strong waft of mint as I brush past the overgrown & ever expanding plants on the way to the clothesline every day. Every….single….day…multiple…times do I tread that well worn path to the clothesline.

- Mr FBG being home for two whole actual weekends in a row and today makes the third ….. heaven…. and something we haven’t had for longer than I can remember. Not sure if he feels quite the same, as he spent the whole day last Saturday pruning the trees around our yard that were suffering from years of neglect … I’m grateful that things are finally starting to get ‘done’ around here!
What are you grateful for?

* a few people have asked me about these recently – you just buy the moulds at your local supermarket. You can get fancy and do rainbow stripes with multiple fruits or lazy and pour in ready made fruit juice. The BEST is pureed mango..mmmmm.


* for teamwork – now that Mr FGB is around a lot more, I’m really appreciating the value of being a team in this parenting gig. You can do so much more when you are not spread quite so thinly.

* for breathing – I feel like I can breathe slowly again. Exhale. Not feeling quite so restricted. I’m still living a very busy life, but it feels like a rather dreamy, surreal & blissful existence at the moment – I’m waiting for the bubble to burst – is that sad?

* for hindsight – though it’s never fun while you’re in the thick of it, when looking back over tough times you can see how they have moulded and shaped you into who you have become and help you to appreciate the good times all the more!

* for the gorgeous handmade heartshaped crocheted garland giveaway that I won from the talented Lioness Lady – I’m loving the splash of color it brings – thanks so much!

What are you grateful for this Saturday?


- for some color amongst the chaos.

- for that little bit of hope that perhaps things may be different for a while…

Monday marks the beginning of big changes in Mr FGB’s work environment. We’ve been waiting for this for the last 6 months. Coming off the back of working 21 days straight, I have all my fingers crossed that this will be just what we need.

- For the splashes of color and moments of laughter and contentedness in amongst the overwhelming busyness that threatens to pull me under so very often.

- for such a kind and giving husband who, among many other things, miraculously managed to take the afternoon off work (unheard of!) on Monday to look after 3 kids while their Mum couldn’t get out of bed due to a very bad case of gastro – thanks Frog!

- for friends and family who “understand” and who help me stay afloat. Thanks.

- and for Maxabella who each week makes me look at the world in a glass half full kind of way.


…for Grannys, for 100% healthy ice-cream and for creative expression!

We are at Granny’s again this weekend.
Weren’t you just at Granny’s last weekend you ask? Well, yes.
Last weekend we had a big family weekend here, this time it is just myself and the kids. We are here because the father of the house is working all weekend and I just wasn’t up for another single parent weekend. Not sure if I’d be coping without her at the moment.
Thanks Granny… again.

Granny makes the best ice-creams. She puts frozen fruit through her juicer and makes these colorful, healthy and pure fruit creations. They are always a hit! These ones contained nothing but mango, strawberry, pineapple and banana. Blueberries and raspberries taste delicious too.

Goose’s creative expression through the fashion of the skirt/skirt look makes me smile. When dressing this morning, she experimented with the look of a skirt as a top. She liked the look. We were only going to Granny’s after all. When packing her own bags for Granny’s house, she decided that she didn’t need to pack any tops at all. Apparently tomorrow, she’ll be wearing jeans on the bottom and, you guessed it, a skirt on the top.

What are you grateful for?
Check out what others are grateful for every Saturday over at Maxabella land.

P.S. If you are interested in making some of these, Granny uses this kind of single gear cold-pressed juicer to make her ice-cream.


This Saturday I’m so very, very grateful for my very talented and very generous little sister who did some fun drawings of a frog, a goose and a bear and made them into a blog header for me. It’s only taken me six months of blogging to finally have a proper header!!

She also drew me my very own picture for my regular EASY PEASY DINNER WINNER linky, so if you link in on the occasional Tuesday, feel free to add this picture to your sidebar and link it back here.

I’m quite excited about the new look and I’m very grateful for her time as I know it is precious.
Thank you Clare!!!

I’m also grateful for my sister Lou and my husband for taking 5 kids out for baby cinos in the rain giving me some time to blog and for my wonderful mother for putting up with a house full of mad children for an extended weekend (while still trying to keep the house spotless for potential buyers…).

I’m grateful for all of the rain that is so needed here in Victoria, but I am also grateful that we decided to stay at Mum’s house and not go camping as originally planned!

I’d also like to add that I’m very grateful that one can still win a whole game of 5 handed 500 without ever actually winning a trick! All the glory, without necessarily having the skill ;)

What are you grateful for?

P.S. I’m so very grateful for the wonderful community of bloggers that I’ve come to know in the last 6 months, that I’m having a giveaway! Check out the details

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