I can’t believe that it’s been 2 years…

With Mr FGB’s brothers both overseas we’ll be having my mother–in-law over for dinner tonight and having a glass of ginger beer and a chinotto or two (vile stuff that it is) to remember ‘Grandpa‘. We had a tradition for a while making my father-in-law homemade ginger beer every year for his birthday. This picture was taken in his holiday home in Marysville a few years ago drinking our homemade brew. I like to still picture him sitting right there.


These photos were from a very special photo book compiled by a very thoughtful Granny & given to Goose this week. It chronicles photos of Goose & her ‘Grad’. Pages and pages of special moments, captured on film to help her to always remember their very special relationship.

It was one year ago today that we said goodbye to ‘Grad’.
This book and our memories of him will be treasured always.

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