Thought I would let you know about a fantastic website for kids craft ideas….

Kids Craft Weekly has long been a ‘go-to’ for me whenever I need some inspiration for doing something crafty with the kids. Kids Craft Weekly sends a regular newsletter (not weekly……) with craft ideas following a particular theme and is especially good for younger kids.

They also organise a great christmas card swap at the end of the year and your child can receive handmade cards from all over the world.

To be completely honest, I did a lot more of these things with my oldest child (when I only had one child) as we were moving around every 6 months with my husbands work and didn’t bring many toys with us, I was constantly looking for ways to entertain my then 2-4 year old. Every now and then I feel guilty and will do something crafty with my younger 2, but it seems so much more of an effort with a 1 and 2 year old…..who are both into throwing things everywhere and creating mess wherever they go! I must admit I have left that for playgroup and some of the other weekly activities that we do out and about, because quite frankly I can’t even keep up with the usual housework without adding handfuls of pasta on the floor, glue on the table and paint in the hair.

These are some recent snapshots of when we have just gone ahead done it anyway……. because doing crafty stuff was probably one of my favourite things as a child and I do want my kids to experience that too. I do want to be one of those Mum’s who doesn’t mind a bit of mess in the name of kids having fun…… I do……. This blogging thing is actually inspiring me to do so much more of it. Thank you to all of you who blog about the great crafty stuff you do with your kids.


Every fortnight on a Thursday some lovely women from our church run a group called MOPS (mothers of preschoolers) where the kids get looked after in creche and the Mums get to have a coffee, listen to someone talk on a different topic each week, then do a little crafty activity. It’s a lovely supportive group of Mum’s and the topics are always relevant.

Today’s topic was post natal depression. I don’t think anyone in the group had not been affected in some way, whether themselves or someone close to them. Some great discussion and emotional sharing was had and it just made me realise, again, that this topic is just not talked about enough! It can be a little shameful and maybe just too hard to talk about, but it affects as many as 1 in 7 women! Those are pretty big statistics.

PANDA – Post & Ante Natal Depression Association - has some great resources, along with a 24 hour helpline. I’ve just had a little look through and there is some great info for those who think they may be suffering from PND as well as info for those who suspect someone they know is showing signs.

Apparently it is also very common for men to have PND. It makes sense.

The best thing that we can do is to just listen, as motherhood (or fatherhood) is so different for everyone and quite frankly, it is the most difficult/draining/challenging thing that I have ever done! I sometimes wonder whether there have been times in my experience as a mother that have gone undiagnosed as PND….
PANDA website.


Getting ready for this small market on Sunday. A group of friends. Each with small card tables full of winter goodness.

We have made these, these & these, along with jars of homemade muesli. We’ve been saving our eggs and tomorrow we’ll collect lemons & bunches of herbs from the garden. I have also been working on some cute little dress-up doll magnets and they’ll be for sale too!

As I really don’t have any regular time away from my kids – a husband who works crazy hours & no regular child care – I decided that the only way that I could do this (in reality the only way I can do anything!) is to involve them, so I chose things that were very easy in that regard. It has had to become a bit of parenting philosophy – very frustrating at times & things can take a little longer, but hopefully good for them in the end, particularly as their Mum still gets to feel like she gets to do at least some of the creative things that she likes to do. I know that many of you are Mum’s who like to express a bit of creativeness – how do you do it? involve your kids? wait till they are asleep/at school/at Grandma’s?


I often find myself wondering what on earth to do with the multitude of art pieces that my children make. It is always a tricky one, as there is such a fine line between offending them by not displaying it and being drowned by too much art! To be honest, most of the time I pop it in the bin that night (making sure to hide it carefully under the other rubbish so it isn’t discovered the next day) or let it mull around on the bench for a while until a suitable time has passed and I save the special ones for the fridge which rotate on a regular basis.

When they start kinder it seems to take on a whole new level with painting after painting coming home. Although I must admit now that I do not have a kinder kid I am missing having hand painted wrapping paper on hand whenever required. My number 2 child will be off to 3 year old kinder next year, so I guess I don’t have too long to wait. Although I did hear once of a friend whose child was mortally offended when his masterpiece was used for the disrespectable purpose of wrapping a mere present! I certainly hope mine never do that as it is my favorite form of wrapping.

If you are looking for ideas on what to do with ALL of those masterpieces, then head on over to Buttons by Lou Lou who is having a four day blogfest posting on this exact topic. There are so many wonderful ideas I think we are going to have to implement some more efficient methods before this house is over run!

I paid $10 for this baby at a kinder fundraiser a few years ago so of course it takes pride of place in our wall. Great idea for a fundraiser as you are completely obliged to buy your child’s art which was displayed gallery style. The theme of the fundraiser was “water” and the pictures were all done using a black felt pen and then painted in water colors.


At my house yesterday we had my Mum and sisters and their families over for a BBQ dinner to celebrate Mothers Day. My 6 year old decided to put on a special mothers day performance. She sat at her desk for a very long time practising and penning the following words (exclamation marks are her own)…
“Mothers, Mothers, Mothers, oh Mothers!
Sometimes they shout and sometimes they don’t!
I love cuddles and luddlles and stuff!
They teach us cool stuff!
They give us a smile, they give us a frown!
They give us cool presents on our birthday!
So give three cheers for mothers!
Hip, hip hooray!
We love our Mummys!
So sweet and so sound!
So good day and good bye to all our good friends!”
(bow, bow)

by Goose, 9th May 2010.

Photo of the performance.
She set up the stage using flowers from our garden and cut out the mothers day banner from here.
I was so proud.

What is happening at your house today?
Check out Lou’s At my house, Fat Mum Slim’s Point & Shoot or Hello Owls My Place & Yours to find out what every one else has been up to.
Look at that, one post can fit into so many different games… I hope that is not against the rules…


“As soon as I finish the laundry, I’ll do the grocery shopping. And I’ll take the kids with me so you can relax”

“I know, Let’s take you shoe shopping!”

“Ooh look, the NFL playoffs are today, I bet we’ll have no trouble parking at the craft fair”

“Is that the baby? I’ll get her”

These images are from the book “Porn for Women”. Photography by Susan Anderson. I had quite a chuckle when a friend emailed these to me. You can check out more images and buy her books here.

If you’re a Mum, let’s hope a bit of this is happening at your house today….


image from poppytalk

I may have mentioned before that I have a bit of a thing for ‘printables’.
I find printables the perfect last minute gift. When you just don’t have time to go & buy something, but it provides the incentive to make something & to make it look really quite classy even when you have no skill whatsoever.
Here are some links to some free printables for mothers day….



That should keep you busy for a while….


“Motherhood is about accepting the limitations of time & energy which stretch beyond you, even though sometimes it feels as though it could consume you.

Search for & hold on to your own true self. If you lose that, what kind of mother can you be? . . .

Seize your days & dwell in them fully. Look at your children, because they know how to inhabit brief periods of time with extreme passion, & for nothing more really than for the sake of those moments. They can help you remember that, if you only slow down & let them.

Feel fortunate, because chances are good that you actually might be.”

Quoted from the movie ‘Motherhood’ starring Uma Thurman that I have just now finished watching. I don’t care that it got terrible reviews because this movie really resonated with me. Seemed to reflect so much of what I am feeling at this particular time in my life. Do the bad reviews reflect the value of motherhood in our society or merely the lack of glamour in association with motherhood? Have you seen it? Do.


I heard the author of this book, Juanita Phillips, being interviewed on ABC radio by Richard Stubbs yesterday and it sounded very interesting. She was trying to do it all and ended up having a very public breakdown while reading the news one night and made drastic changes to simplify her lifestyle.

I think I may just have to try and find a copy. Anyone read it?

The blurb reads…..

“When Juanita Phillips stumbled on an old pressure cooker in an op shop, it changed her life. As a frantically busy working mother, she was desperate for solutions to that modern dilemma: how to juggle kids, career, housework and marriage. The pressure cooker helped her solve one of the biggest problems – preparing daily healthy meals – but that was just the beginning. She and her husband decided to transform their chaotic life in other ways too, and where it led them was surprising. This candid confession of a failed supermum offers practical tips for anyone searching for a calmer, simpler, healthier life.

For a huge exerpt of the pages of this book, you can click on the image of the book on the right hand side of this blog.


Quite a bit of this will be going on at our house today. Who am I kidding – this goes on every single day at our house! We just started toilet training yesterday, so I imagine there’ll be quite a bit more!

What’s going on at your house today – play along with Lou.
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