Finding creativity in the every day things is, most of the time, where I have to put my creative energy these days. I feel like I’m struggling just to get the basics done at the moment, so I thought I’d share with you another “creative” sanity saver I sometimes pull out to get dinner prepared without toooooo many interruptions.

I always keep a few packets of puff pastry sheets in my freezer, so when I need them in the meal, or even when I don’t, I give a sheet to each of the kids and get out the box of cookie cutters. They go crazy cutting out shapes and then they pop them on a greased baking tray.

Sometimes we add a few currents, this time it was a dollop of strawberry jam. It becomes dessert. Might not look too appetising, but they made it, so they love it!

(As a side, there was a pizza restaurant that we frequented when we lived in Bendigo that handed out balls of pizza dough to the kids and then cooked the creations for them – great idea.)

Gives me time to make my own pastry creations…
A quick easy meal to make with leftover mince or bolognaise sauce.

I am always looking for quick, easy, non fiddly weeknight meals that can be made in a flash.
I’m not talking fish fingers and hot dogs here, but meals that can regularly come out on the dinner table.
If you have some, or you’ve blogged about some, or have a favourite website to go to for said meals, let me know!

I’m thinking of making a regular weekly post with quick and easy, kid friendly meals.

P.S. On a Thursday, after all the cooking is done and the kids are in bed, I like to sit down and relax and pop on over to Kirsty’s place.

P.P.S. Lou is currently blogging about healthy snack ideas for kids with HEAPS of fantastic tips – she should know, as she is a dietitian in her other life!


Hello Owl’s ‘My Place & Yours’ theme this week is YELLOW.
In an effort to keep the kids occupied tonight while I cooked dinner I sent them off on a ‘mission’ to find as many yellow things as they could around the house and put them on the table. This is a small corner of what they came up with…

I could not post about the colour yellow without including our current favourite friend Tomy!

Interestingly enough, our dinner tonight was also bright yellow and no, it did not involve lemons.

(I’ll send a ‘yellow’ prize to anyone who can guess what our yellow dinner was – don’t forget to leave an email address if you don’t have a blog).

Our bath for this evening might just have to be a yellow one too…..

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