Another Weekend in the Country…

We seem to have enjoyed quite a few weekends away lately.  It is so good spending time outdoors.
Last weekend we were with my extended family in southern NSW on one of my favourite properties.   My parents no longer own the farm where I grew up, so being able to share with my own kids, a space where I spent quite a bit of time in my own childhood was pretty special.

 The gastro that slowly passed from one family member to the other on our return home was not so special.  Amazing how much kids really can fend for themselves!  It was my turn on Tuesday and thank goodness Goose was home from school as she managed to get breakfast, lunch (sandwiches) and dinner (baked beans) for all.  I couldn’t have been more grateful or proud.  Four movies later and they are still sporting fake tattoos all over their bodies (the crab on Bear’s forehead is my particular favourite) but they survived just fine!  

How gorgeous is this property.  I could easily live here permanently.

21 adults and 8 kids, tents, tennis, long lunches on the lawn, dessert making competitions, kids style party games for Mr FGB’s birthday, bagpipes, food fights, the annual Australian poetry competition to win the prized golden rabbit trap…
but for the kids, catching yabbies was by far the favourite activity of the weekend.
Do you have a favourite place from your childhood where you love to take your own kids?


Today I’m joining in with my friend Jane from Mama Pea Pod with her regular Outdoor Play linky. Jane lives in Hungary (how cool is that?!) and the weather is getting warmer there, while it is getting much cooler here. We have, however, had a little bit of sunshine over the last few days which has been glorious.

Frog & Bear got the paint brushes out again quite a bit this week for a spot of water painting in the back yard. Our paintbrushes live permanently on the window sill at our back door, along with some bubbles and some sidewalk chalk. I feel very grateful to have an enclosed backyard and when the kids are under my feet I just herd them outside – calms everyone down (especially me!)

Sometimes, you just can’t tell when something is going to capture your child’s attention. You can spend a long time setting up activities but they play with it for 2 minutes and they’re on to something else. Yesterday we struck a winner when I suggested, in a flippant attempt to get the kids out of my hair, that they go & hide their toy cars in the garden in a twist on ‘hide ‘n’ seek’ and they played for what seemed like hours. You just can’t predict these things.

Can you spot the cement mixer in the picture below?

Where have you been outdoors this week?

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