photo taken by Bear – aged 3.

We have been looking after Hunnie for the week. Hunnie’s owners are in hospital with their brand new baby boy!

After receiving a text at 4.30am Tuesday, letting me know that their back door was unlocked with food inside door if I wanted Hunnie for a week, I responded when I woke at seven. I received a text straight back saying that ‘we should be meeting bubba very shortly’. Email arrived a few hours later – baby boy born at 7.49am. A mere 49 minutes after texting!!!

The above photo was taken by Bear for the Kids Click photo competition which this week has the theme of Animals. Goose did take a great photo of a real live koala in the backyard of Granny’s friends’ house last week, but unfortunately the camera decided to pack it in and the photo will be forever lost. Goose was not willing to take another photo, so little 3 year old Bear had a go. Not a bad shot.

If you have a kid who likes to click – there is a new theme every fortnight right here.


Taken by Lucinda aged 6.

To occupy my 6 year old sometimes I give her our digital camera and just let her go crazy. She loves it and is out of my hair for a while. So I was excited when I discovered this great little competition called Kids Click which is hosted by a NZ blog called Great Fun 4 Kids. Kids have to be under 15 years of age and take photos along a particular theme.

The theme this week is YUCK! The theme changes each fortnight and the winner gets to the choose the winner of the next.

The above photo is my daughters entry.
She took lots of photos of chook poo, the compost bin, mud on her boots, even her brothers potty after he’d just done a poo. This was the best shot of the lot.

If you’d like to play along next time – head on over here for more info.

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