This post is for Annie.
Frog, Goose, Bear & myself, all with rainbow toes.  

Annie is a beautiful, creative, mother of five and she had her left breast removed yesterday, after finding a lump only two short weeks ago.  She painted rainbows on her toes before surgery as a sign of hope & courage.  There are friends everywhere painting their toes in rainbow colours as a sign of support.  If you know Annie, or even if you don’t – join in!

About a month ago, Annie posted a photo of her dinner…. baked blue tongue on her blog.  We have a blue tongue lizard who lives in our shed.  We’ve named him Bluey.  So, of course, I had to give baked blue tongue a try!  Not quite as perfect as Annie’s, but it is now the most requested meal here at FGB headquarters.  You’ll notice, Annie, that I even followed your advice of making an individual blue tongue for each child.  

We haven’t seen Bluey for quite a few weeks and I was beginning to wonder if he was OK.  Just before taking the pic of our rainbow toes this afternoon, Bluey showed up right in the middle of the shed floor in a much more bold position than ever before.  Annie, it must be a sign.