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I’ve been doing quite a lot of creative stuff over the last couple of months, just haven’t managed to blog about it.  This is one of my favourites.  A scarf made by recycling a t-shirt.

I have spotted them on quite a few places over blogland & pinterest and was keen to give them a try.  My first couple of attempts were not so great, but after some tips from a super stylish friend, I’m very happy with the current design and have started giving them away as gifts.  We made them at MOPS last term also and they were quite the hit.

It’s a super quick & inexpensive gift and doesn’t involve any sewing at all!

I didn’t have any old t-shirts, but I purchased some XXXXL t-shirts (the larger the better) from Kmart for less than $5.  
I have been meaning to write up a tutorial & take detailed pics and I’ll let you know when I do, but, basically it is made by cutting an old t-shirt horizontally into one inch strips, stretching each strip slightly till it starts to curl and then tying each strip into a knot to form a loop.  I used fabric from one of the sleeves, cut in a long rectangular shape, & wrapped it around the joins and just tucked it in.*
Joining in again today with Creative Spaces over at Village Voices.  

Have you tried making one of these scarves or recycled a piece of clothing and made it into something else?
UPDATE: I have now written up a full tutorial of how I made this tshirt scarf.  You can find it over here.

P.S.  I’ve started a Frog, Goose & Bear facebook page if any of you are interested in getting updates on my blog, craft tutorials, kids parties, markets, recipes, etc. via facebook.

* If you follow these instructions or these or these you should be fine.  Mine is roughly based on these.


Yesterday we recycled our old crayons into fun new crayons that the children are now fighting over.

First it involved a lot of peeling, but surprisingly this was the part they enjoyed the most. We placed the broken crayons into some small silicone muffin trays. We also made some heart shaped crayons using a heart shaped silicone ice cube tray.* The possibilities for shapes are endless.

We put them into a 130 degree oven for approx 8 minutes, put them in the freezer for about 20 minutes and then just popped them out of the moulds. See here for more detailed instructions.

They work very well when doing rubbings…

…and apparantly can also double as glasses!

It may have just become my new favorite party favor or gift for kids!

Via some new favorite blogs, I have recently discovered another new great blog called Childhood 101 and every Tuesday people link up their posts about kids & play. Head on over there for some playful inspiration!

and on Thursdays a little more creativity is shared over at Kootoyoo.

* I was concerned that the silicone ice cube tray may not work in the oven, but it was not a problem at all, maybe due to the low heat. Certainly can’t guarantee that all silicone ice cube trays would work, as there are no doubt different qualities out there! There are so many fun & interestingly shaped silicone ice cube trays on ebay. Probably a good idea not to use the trays for anything edible afterwards though….


Instead of throwing our boxes into the recycling bin, we have a “making box” (that’s what my Mum called it).

These photos were taken a few years ago when we lived in Alice Springs (where they had no curbside recycling service!) and this little three year old was VERY into creating with boxes! Mainly because at the time we were moving every 6 months with my husbands work and did not bring many toys with us, so the toy library and the “making box” were very popular! The current favourite with my 2 year old is making box cars and then drawing chalk roads on the paving out the back.

In case you cannot tell, in the photo above there is a computer screen, keyboard, mouse, printer and pen pot. We actually got the idea after visiting the ‘School of the Air’ and this had been one of the projects the kids had done as part of their school work!

Not quite sure what the ettiquette is in storing this kind of art work, maybe Lou will have some ideas.
I know that I’ve seen some blog posts of people doing similar things with their ‘recycling’ – I just can’t remember where…… I’d love to see some of your photos and I’d be happy to add a link to your blog, so that we can all see!
* educational background to box construction on excusememrc
* fun addition to box vehicle construction – thanks Amy from giggleberry!

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